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Go Make This: Fat Free Vegan’s Upside-Down Cake

These pictures are actually from April of this year when I was visiting and house-sitting in Illinois. It’s never too late to share a good recipe though! Today I have for you, Fat Free Vegan’s ‘Peach’ Upside-Down Cake, except I made it with fresh pineapple. I feel like fresh pineapple and cake is taboo. I …

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Friday Review: The Vegg

A few weeks back blogger friend Christine at Colorado Vegan let me know that The Vegg was giving out their cookbook and a 1.5 oz serving of The Vegg, a plant-based vegan egg yolk, to bloggers. I contacted Rocky, author and creator of The Vegg, immediately to see if I could get in on the …

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How to Upcycle Thrifted Night Stands to Office Storage and a Sunset Donut Cake

Happy Weekend everyone! Today I have a furniture refinishing project for you and dessert/breakfast in the form of a donut cake. When we first moved to Pullman, I spent some time figuring out my office. I hated my Ikea desk and unlike before I had a lot of space to work with versus a corner …

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