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Gilligan’s Island’s Ginger Grant an Early Promoter of Raw Food Makeup

Did you know a raw food beauty tip was included in a prime time television show 48 years ago? Ginger Grant, the island beauty guru shares her tips in the above video. Love it! This episode of Gilligan’s Island is from 1964 and even though I have many drugstore cosmetics taking up space in my …

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Almond Berry Hemp Heart Quinoa

It was a breakfast for dinner kind of a night and also a what the hell can we make out of the pantry and freezer with so little left in our fridge kind of night. I had no faith (I’m sure Jeremy rolls his eyes, so you can too) that I would come up with …

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Berry Afternoon Energy Smoothie

Jeremy works from home and I work from home. This smoothie was made by Jeremy and orchestrated by me, while I washed the dishes with rubber gloves on. One of the goals in this smoothie was to use some of our maca powder. He is approaching a work deadline later this week and already went …

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Uber Refreshing Berry Ice Cubes

Is it the middle or end of summer? Not sure, so I’ll go with the middle.  I’m a Libra after all and it’s always about balance. Either way these delicious berry ice cubes are sure to be refreshing! During this gorgeous sunny blue skied day, I was finding myself pretty thirsty with all of the …

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