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Beastly Pink Italian Soup, Smoothie Style

I was really happy while drinking this and then I realized it was because it was like finding the perfect mate: charm, looks, smarts (knowing it is really good for you), and satisfying – I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on the last one. Adventurous is what I consider myself and I do love my …

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Happy Raw Vegan Valentine’s Day! | Strawberry Beet Cheesecake for Two

Heart style for Valentine’s Day! Give your honey something that is decadent but good for you too. If you haven’t gone ape doodles over my previous post, Mini Raw Beet Cheesecakes, you need to. It has been the only time and one of two submissions to foodgawker that blew up my site. Not literally but …

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Pretty in Beets

If you’re not a fan of pink or the classic 80s movie, you could call it Chioggia Beets and Carrot Slaw Salad. 🙂 Have you ever seen a chioggia beet? On the outside they look very similar to the standard beet (see 2nd from the left below). Their skin is a paler red and on …

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Cheesecake | Just Beet It

Today we’re making a cheesecake based entirely around beets. Have you ever been in an unlikely place and witnessed something beautiful and amazing? This cheesecake is kind of like that. Raw beets in a dessert. Earlier I mentioned ways of sneaking beets into our diet and this is one of them. Jeremy used to hate beets because …

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