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Triple Chocolate Smoothie 🍫

I love a good chocolate shake!! I can see my Dad nodding in agreement to that. Note to Cameron: You’ll have to whip this up for you and Dad with the Magic Bullet! Love you! I was a little worried I already had a recipe with the name triple chocolate, but it turns out I’m good. …

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Strawberry Banana Shortcake Soft Serve

Strawberries in champagne or strawberry soft serve? Why not both? We bought champagne the other night and I’m not sure I even like it. If I’ve had champagne before shouldn’t I remember such a thing?? I think I like the taste okay, but I think I get a wicked headache from white wines/champagne. We shall …

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Neat Breakfast Mix Review Plus Not-So-Fried Curried Bananas

Neat foods plant-based sausage crumble and patty mixes are promoted as a soy-free/gluten-free/GMO-free/guilt-free alternative to meat. Their mixes are a base of pecans, garbanzo bean flour, gf oats, and sometimes cornmeal. I received a package of their breakfast sausage mix in my September Vegan Cuts‘ subscription and was beyond excited to try them out. What …

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