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English Cucumber Canapés

Oooh! This recipe for English Cucumber Canapés sounds so fancy. The e has an accent and they aren’t just regular cucumbers, they are English cucumbers. Canapé A canapé is a type of hors d’œuvre, a small, prepared and usually decorative food, held in the fingers and often eaten in one bite. Lift up your nose …

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Smoked Cheese Stuffed Dates [vegan]

Where to begin? This is a medjool date recipe. A baked medjool date recipe. What?! I know. I hadn’t baked them before either. In the omnivore world medjool dates are commonly consumed wrapped in bacon. Never tried that as I only liked crispy burnt bacon and those were always soft and raw looking. In the …

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Raw Food | Salsa and Guacamole Tostadas

Easy lunch and a great excuse to try jicama if you haven’t already. I didn’t even think of Cinco De Mayo, but this would be perfect to take to a party, it’s a snack that even non-raw foodies would enjoy. Also the jicama slices are fresh, not fried and handle the weight of the heavy …

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