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Baking a Whole Squash and a Hubbard Squash Smoothie

Mmm squash! Today I wanted to share a new way to bake squash, that is actually much easier than my old way. I tried this new, now proven, method out on a beautiful Hubbard squash. Hubbard squash are kind of shaped like tear drops with a bumpy warty skin. They can be found in hues …

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Apple Cranberry Relish

Hello Apple Cranberry Relish! We picked up $1.99 bag of cranberries last night because I figured it’s never too early to master a new clean cranberry recipe for the holidays. It’s amusing and a little terrifying some still find it necessary to use 1 cup of processed sugar in a recipe as seen on the …

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Pumpkin Spice Banana Nectarine Smoothie

Oh yes, we continue that mosey into fall weather and fall-like foods today. Who else is craving apple cider and feeling the need to don slippers and skull blankets? I jumped into those fall feelings by making a green smoothie that contained the end of summer harvests (nectarines), leftover pumpkin, and a hefty dose of …

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Creamy Tropical Carrot Slaw

When I make a carrot slaw it signifies more than my love of carrots, it also usually means there is not much left in the fridge but an almost whole bag of carrots. Last night was another night where we bordered on takeout or grocery shopping. Neither won. My desire to not go outside/walk in …

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Feed Your Skull a Snack | Toffee Chia Applesauce Pudding with Granola

I’ve ran 3 days in a row this week and I’m planning on running tomorrow, today was the elliptical. I’m definitely getting back into a workout groove, so the running is new and breathless. With all that activity I felt like some hearty protein filled chia seeds between lunch and breakfast. Which led to this…. …

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