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2012-2013 I’m in the midst of writing an e-book. I’d like to share information about the process of going from knowing nothing to self-publishing an e-book. Covering writing, designing, photography and more.

January 2014 Updates and Thoughts

The future of Feed Your Skull? I’d really like to keep FYS going, but I’ve been in this weird space for the last year where I’ve become more confused about what I want out of it. This leaves me unmotivated and disorganized. I started with the intention to use it as a platform to sell/encourage …

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Food Styling Thrift Shop Finds

My inner hoarder has been trying to avoid this path. The path that leads to more dishes, dishes I don’t need for everyday eating. Dishes that are just cute or different from everything I already have—just for the purpose of food styling. A few weeks ago I gave in and told myself, if it needed …

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