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Workout Recap Week 1

Sunday Fitbit steps: 12,788 Indoor bike setup – 10 miles Yoga – Yoga w/Adriene [video] Neighborhood walk Monday Fitbit steps: 8,715 Streaks App ‘everyday’ Seconds App ‘arms’ Indoor bike setup – 10 miles Ab roller – 10 Band rowing – 10 min Tuesday Fitbit steps: 6,451 Steaks App – ‘quick’ Yoga – Yoga w/Adriene [video] …

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My 5 Favorite Healthy Apps, 2014

Today I wanted to share with you my favorite healthy apps! The saying ‘there’s an app for that’ couldn’t be more true. Applications, the latest vine in our technological evolution, represent how we consume information, track data, and socially interact. There are apps that allow you to explore sexual positions, increase your brain function, take …

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Friday Review: Tara Stiles, This is Yoga DVD Set

Yoga. Yoga is one of those things that once you start and get into a habit of doing it’s hard to imagine your life without it. Never in a million years would I have thought I could stop doing yoga and forget how amazing it feels. But that’s what happened. I think I was about 18 …

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