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Affiliate Information

Some of the links on Feed Your Skull are affiliate links, but they only lead to the product or service I personally use and recommend. Feel free to research the product and/or service on your own and if you choose to buy it through my affiliate link, it’s like saying ‘Thank you!’ or ‘Keep up the good work!’ To which I say, ‘Thank you!’

Current Affiliates



If I told you how much I loved and used Amazon, you’d probably believe me. I once had the FedEx guy thank me, because without people like me, he wouldn’t have a job. That sounds like a joke, but he was completely sincere and we live in a rural area, so I have to believe him.

All jokes aside, I’ve been an Amazon prime member since 2009 and have used it in Illinois, Oregon, and now Washington. I can’t say enough good things about it. I love buying in bulk and having those items arrive directly on my stoop within 2-3 days. I always try to buy locally first followed by trusty Amazon if it’s not available near me.

With Amazon links, I only ever link to items I have bought, used, owned, or loved. I will never link to a product that was not loved.

Are you interested in becoming an Amazon affiliate? More information here.


Vegan Cuts

It’s like buying yourself a surprise gift every month! I have been a subscriber to the Vegan Cuts beauty and snack boxes since September 2013. They are a great way to ‘vote’ with your dollars and support products and companies you believe in, while also learning about new items.

Personally, I thought I had food down. Like, I know all the things, but I have discovered so many cool, new, and tasty treats. It has been a wonderful experience! And the beauty box?? Don’t even get me started! I was lost when it came to vegan and cruelty-free products. How do I find a mascara that isn’t Maybelline the collossal volum’ express? Know I’ve found several other brands and also learned how to look for vegan and cruelty-free items. It’s pretty cool how much I’ve learned since then.

Want to try out Vegan Cuts? More information here. Are you interested in becoming an affiliate? That information is here.