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5 Delectable Uses for Thousand Island Dressing

Vegan Thousand Island Dressing | Feed Your Skull

Recipe || Vegan Thousand Island Dressing


Ever since I made the vegan thousand island dressing, I have been obsessed. 

Which inspired me to create several other recipes using my new favorite dressing.

It’s no wonder I became obsessed. Crispy and delicious grilled cheese-like reubens using the best vegan cheese out there—chao.

A hearty veggie ‘big’ mac dripping with said dressing. Warning it requires two hands. And still has less calories than it’s omnivore counterpart.

A soul satisfying kale and radish salad. It’s crispy, hydrating, and flavorful. 

Bite size fancy sounding appetizers made using a bright crunchy cucumber, hollowing it out slightly and filling it with thousand island dressing.

Recipes are linked below. Make. Devour. Share with friends and family. xx

Vegan Single Mac | Feed Your Skull

Recipe || The Vegan Single Mac


Vegan Reuben Sandwich | Feed Your Skull

Recipe || Vegan Reuben Sandwich


Vegan Wedge Salad | Feed Your Skull

Recipe || Vegan Wedge Salad



Kale & Radish Salad | Feed Your Skull

Recipe || Kale & Radish Salad