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CSA 2016 • Week 2

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Our second CSA haul is here and it’s full of vibrant luscious greens. We will devour.

I don’t know if I just really missed our share the last few months, but I feel like the full-share has even more veggies than it did last year?? I’ll have to go back to last year and take a look at some of the pictures. Part of it could be that they were just moving the farm to a new location in 2015 and we had two later frosts that effected some of the spring crops.

Week Two Run-Down

  1. Bunch of rainbow chard
  2. Carrot greens and carrots
  3. Bunch of arugula
  4. Bunch of collards
  5. Bunch of green onions
  6. Head of bok choy
  7. Bunch of turnips
  8. Head of romaine
  9. Bag of spinach

Green Life

This was like a cabbage patch head of romaine, round rotund and gorgeously green.


Rainbow chard brings unicorns and faeries out of the woodwork. Eat a lot of it.


A large bok choy as big as my forearm. We love dipping stalks in guacamole. They are also delicious steam/sautéed and even fermented.


The WSU collard leaves are always bigger than your head. What do you do with seriously large collard leaves? Stuff them with fresh burrito fillings and call it a day.

Sometimes I get so used to buying something like baby spinach at the grocery store that I forget there’s full-grown spinach too. These leaves were enormous and so full of flavor.


With turnips you can eat the white globe as well as the green tops. Tops and bottoms are great in stir-fries, smoothies, juices, roasted, and on sandwiches.

Colorful Carrots


Garden-fresh carrots are simply out of this world. They have a sweet earthiness that store-bought will never possess—even organic.

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