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Apple Madness Mixed Drink

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Dry Hard Cider 'Sangria' | Feed Your Skull

Did you know that a mixed drink is defined as a beverage with two or more ingredients that are mixed?? 😂

Haha so obvious and simple, but I had to check before I named this post ya know?

So here’s the story. We had cider in our fridge from when we had guests over. As it turned out neither Jeremy or I liked it that much.

Which I kind of feel bad saying, but hey different tastes and all that.

I decided to make a wicked delish drink using up the cider and incorporating fresh fruit!

Great idea!

Dry Apple Cider 'Sangria' | Feed Your Skull

A little bit of coconut sugar + fresh cut apples + a little bit of cinnamon make for one bomb ass beverage.

Dry Apple Cider 'Sangria' | Feed Your Skull

Plus you get to eat infused apple pieces when it’s all over.

Apple Madness Mixed Drink


    • 2 small pink lady apples or 1 normal sized apple
    • 1 tablespoon coconut sugar
    • 1 pint dry hard cider
    • cinnamon to taste


    1. Chop apple into desired sized pieces - chunks, slices, etc - and place in a 24 oz ball jar.
    2. Add in coconut sugar and cinnamon and top with chilled dry hard cider. Stir to gently infuse ingredients.

    Dry Hard Cider 'Sangria' | Feed Your Skull

    We happened to have Seattle Cider that is made with Washington apples. Well that’s pretty cool!

    Dry Apple Cider 'Sangria' | Feed Your Skull

    I was listening to the Shane and Friends podcast while writing this, specifically the Farrah Abraham episode. I wasn’t familiar with Farrah prior to this episode and she wasn’t familiar with Shane’s co-host Jessie Buttofouco. Now I was practically a fetus when all that stuff went down with her parents and Amy Fisher, but the Buttofouco name is definitely familiar. I went on a googling tangent and learned that her dad was having an affair with a 16 year old girl in ’92 and that teenager came to the Buttofouco residence and shot Jessie’s mom in the face. I don’t know how someone doesn’t die when shot in the face, but her mom lived and is a motivational speaker now. I think when I first thought of Buttofouco I was confusing it with the Lorena Bobbet story. I remember in grade school singing this to the tune In the Jungle “In the bedroom, the mighty bedroom, John bobbit sleeps tonight. • In the kitchen, the mighty kitchen, Lorana grabs a knife. • A weenie whack, a weenie whack… • Owooooooooooo-oooooooooo-oh she threw it in the grass… • Owwooooooooooooo-oooooooo the cops busted her ass!” Where did we even learn a song like that pre-internet??  🍆 🔪The 90s were so crazy!


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