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How to Perfectly Roast Whole Sweet Potatoes

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How to Perfectly Roast Sweet Potatoes | Feed Your Skull

After many many years of experimentation, I have figured out the base of how I want to eat.

How I am eating.

A way of eating I enjoy.

A way that’s easy to prepare.

A way that’s better for the environment.

A way that’s kinder to animals and better for my body and health.

And friends…

Sweet Potatoes

…are a HUGE part of that! So are rice, beans, greens, and fruits.

But those sweet potatoes though.

Sweet potatoes are so unique in that when roasted or baked their flavor is so complexly rich and sweet that they don’t need any sauces, marinades, or spices to make them flavorful.

Nature is boss and just packaged them that way.

Not only do they taste amazing, but they are so incredibly good for you!

How to Perfectly Roast Sweet Potatoes | Feed Your Skull

Sweet Potato Prep

At least once a month I roast a tray full of sweet potatoes, let them cool, and transfer them to the fridge. Roasting them for just over an hour at a high temperature turns out one tasty potato.

They are perfectly perfectly tender. And the skins are just as delicious, caramelizing around the edges with a few crispy spots here and there.

The whole thing just tastes like candy! It’s pretty unreal.

How to Perfectly Roast Sweet Potatoes | Feed Your Skull

I’d love to see your food pics! If you give this recipe a whirl, let us know. <3 Leave a comment below and don’t forget to tag a picture with #feedyourskull on Instagram!

How to Perfectly Roast Whole Sweet Potatoes


    • 1 cookie sheet
    • parchment paper or cookie sheet liner
    • 5-7 sweet potatoes, washed


    1. Preheat oven to 425F. Line cookie sheet with parchment paper or liner.
    2. Trim ends of sweet potatoes and poke a few holes in each one with a knife or fork.
    3. Arrange on the tray.
    4. Bake for 70 minutes (1 hour and 10 minutes), turning them over half-way through baking time (if you remember).
    5. Allow to cool and ENJOY!

    How to Perfectly Roast Sweet Potatoes | Feed Your Skull

    Sweet potatoes are great….

    1. in oatmeal
    2. in a bowl with banana and non-dairy milk
    3. cold
    4. reheated
    5. on top of a salad
    6. over rice
    7. sprinkled with coconut sugar and cinnamon
    8. in a sandwich
    9. drizzled with peanut butter
    10. cubed and packed as a snack with a toothpick for easy eating
    11. as road trip food—just pack in a ziplock bag or resealable container

    How will you enjoy your sweet potatoes? xx

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