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Tips for Working with SoyaToo Soy Whip

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Vegan Chocolate Pudding [soy free] | Feed Your Skull

Vegan Chocolate Pudding [RECIPE]

I’m here today to help you expertly use Soyatoo Soy Whip (whipped soy) product.

I’ve seen a lot of commentary and reviews online stating how impossible or how it’s so hard to work with.

The negative reviews had me running for the hills on Vegan Essential’s site. I didn’t want to waste money on an item that required additional cold packs for shipping only to have it not work.

But now I’ve tried it and it wasn’t bad. At all.

I came across it (I think) at Huckleberry’s Natural Market in Spokane and so I bought it. I figured why not!

The can feels heavy and different than the Redi-whip cans available everywhere. Like tin? I need my metal-scrapping Dad to answer that.

My first piece of advice is to read the can.

I know right?! Seems pretty obvious.

Still needs to be stated though. I know I’ve not read things thinking they’d work according to a past experience.

And I know I’m not alone.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding [soy free] | Feed Your Skull

Follow the Can Instructions

  1. Keep refrigerated KEEP REFRIGERATED
  2. Remove from fridge about 10-15 minutes before using…
  3. Break safety seal at the base of the square-shaped dispenser…
  4. Shake can until contents loosen
  5. Invert can and shake contents firmly toward nozzle
  6. Hold can upside down and press square-shaped button down…
  7. Flip open nozzle and clean thoroughly after use
  8. Keep in the refrigerator

There’s even cool little pictures in case you’re not sure what straight down means.

When I first went to use it, I broke the seal, shook it and tried to squirt some out. Didn’t work.

That’s when I decided to read the instructions! 😉

Vegan Chocolate Pudding [soy free] | Feed Your SkullI followed everything exactly as stated on the can and it works just like what you’re used to.

After sitting out for fifteen minutes you can feel that the soy whip has softened. When you shake the can it feels like a dense pillow or puck sliding up and down in the tube.

I then shook the can like the shake weight I’ll never own and kept shaking. It felt like a long time. It was probably around a minute. That’s when I felt the pillow puck of cream start to spread out and shift in the can.

I could tell all of this from shaking. It felt noticeably different when it was ready to dispense.

You can dispense it at an angle, but that will use up more pressurized gas than necessary—which may leave some cream in the bottom of the can with no way to get out.

Shake well between dispenses and you will have perfectly fluffy piles of dairy-free whip cream.

I hope this helps someone, so they can enjoy their soy whip too!

Have you tried Soyatoo soy whip? What has your experience been? 

Cheers! xx

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