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Mani Monday | Work it Out with Gold Tips

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Mani Monday: Work it Out with Gold Tips | Feed Your Skull

I think we’ve all survived another Christmas. I’m just excited the daylight is now getting longer. Thank you December 21st.

We had an awesome Christmas having our friends over and covering our favorite scenes from Arrested Development. What was with Lindsey’s nose in the latest season to how Michael Cera has grown up.

Even though I have too many recipes to post, I wanted to take a break and a Mani Monday! Because I’m in love.

It gives the traditional french tip a makeover with bright colors and bold sparkles. I love coral-orange-pinks and this turned out so bright and festive. May it last until New Years.

Mani Monday

All about that base

I’m in love with LVX’s 3-in-1 treatment as a base coat. One layer of that.

Two coral pinks

I love using more than one color when painting my nails. For my main nails I’m using Rainbow Honey’s work it out and on my ring finger(s), LVX’s 044 or RouxTwo layers.Mani Monday: Work it Out with Gold Tips | Feed Your Skull

And all that glitters is gold

Or so Smash Mouth would say. For the tips I dabbed on Rainbow Honey’s don’t gingersnap at me! It’s full of chunky gold and copper glitters.

Top it off

Once all that shiz is dry I used the Gel Top Coat from LVX. One of the best top coats out there. It’s been almost 24 hours and no chips. 😉

Until the next Mani Monday! xx

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