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Vegan Cuts October 2014 Snack Box Review

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October 2014 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

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Loved it/bought it since ★★★★ • Good stuff ★★★ • Not for me ★★ • Hated it ★

My review of the October 2014 Vegan Cuts snack box.

Numi Organic Tea – Chocolate Tea –  ★★★★

Description: Chocolate tea with no “natural” flavors or perfumes that’s perfect as a sweet end to a meal on its own or paired with a vegan croissant for breakfast.

One question. Where can I get this vegan croissant?? Numi teas are great—for more thoughts on Numi—go here. Chocolate tea though? What a cool idea! It was really good and almost as satisfying as a chocolate bar. Like their savory teas I think they would be especially perfect if I was going through a liquid cleanse of some sort. I could still have the comfort of dessert without having dessert.

Available at AmazonNumi

Tasty Brand – Organic Wild Berry Gummy Candies – ★★★★

Description: Organic, non-GMO candies that have no gelatin, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives but tons of yummy gummy flavor.

One of the first things I devoured from this box. Better than your average fruit snack. All of their products are certified vegan, organic, and non-GMO.

Available at AmazonTasty Brand

Flamous – Zatar Chips – ★★★

Description: 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten-free chips that are spiced so well they’re perfect on their own or even better paired with creamy hummus.

Really good chips and I can find them locally. They are great with hummus and thanks to the multigrain mix contain nice amounts of fiber and protein. It looked like all of their chips were vegan too.

Available at Amazon • [find a store] • Local peeps can find these at Dissmores IGA in Pullman, WA and Rosauers in Moscow, ID

Coconut Organics – Toasted Coconut – ★★★★

Description: Lightly toasted, not fried, our coconut chips are perfectly sweet with no added sugar. Hearty, crunchy and genuinely satisfying, these golden coconut chips are a great, high-energy snack right out of the bag, or sprinkled on your favorite foods.

Coconut Organics is an organic, vegan, and gluten-free company. These were really good. I used them up recently when I made my own Coconut Bacon. They are also good sprinkled on salads, smoothies, smoothie bowls, and even sandwiches.

Available at AmazonVegan Cuts • Coconut Organics

TCHO – Dark Chocolate – ★★★

Description: Organic & Beyond Fair Trade Certified dark chocolate with bright berry notes and hints of cherry.

One piece of advice. Pair with a glass of good Cabernet. I can appreciate the complex flavors present in a small square of their chocolate. Not all of their chocolates are vegan so just double-check their ingredient list.

Available at Amazon • TCHO

MRM – Protein Powder – ★★★

Description: Veggie Elite Protein that offers 24 grams of non-GMO complete protein to fuel your next lift, run or yoga session.

I really like MRM’s veggie products. I’ve been taking their vegan Vitamin D3 for a while now. Their protein powders are good too. I received the chocolate flavor in my snack box. It’s a nice rich chocolate flavor that dissolves well with no digestive side effects.

Available at AmazonMRM

Pop Art – Rosemary Truffle – ★★★★

Description: Fiber-filled, delicious popcorn with the aromatic evergreen flavor of rosemary and the earthy richness of Italian Black Summer Truffles.

Omg. Yes. I’m pretty sure this popcorn is what got me obsessed with all things truffle. A drizzle of truffle oil with a good white balsamic on a salad?? Divine. And the popcorn is really good too. They currently have 3 vegan flavors: Rosemary Truffle, Nori Sesame, and Thai Coconut Curry.

Ingredients: Organic Non-GMO  Popcorn, High Oleic Safflower and/or Sunflower Oil,  Sea Salt, Rosemary, Black Summer Truffle, Aroma.

Available at AmazonPop Art

Zevia – Cream Soda – ★★★

Description: A fizzy, smarter soda that’s zero calories, naturally sweetened with stevia.

I had a hard time believing this cream soda was diet let alone vegan. Good news for local peeps, I’ve seen Zevia at Dissmores IGA in Pullman, WA and at the Moscow Food Co-op in Moscow, ID. All of their sodas are vegan.

Available at Amazon

Extreme Food – Death Rain Habanero Chips – ★★★

Description: Heat needers know that our famous black bag means spicy chip perfection. The scorching symphony of Habanero and natural smoke flavor is mixed with the hardcore crunch only Blair delivers. Chew a few, and Feel Alive! with the fire and flavor you’ve come to crave!!

This was a bonus item for this month’s snack box. These were really good chips, but really spicy and I can handle heat pretty well. I thought I melted my tongue, but they were so good I kept going back for the next one. The initial taste is smokey bbq, but then the heat washes over like when you open the oven and the heat just surrounds your head. Anyways. Really good.

Ingredients: Potatoes, sunflower oil and/or corn oil, natural cane sugar, salt, paprika, dehydrated Habanero pepper, garlic powder, spices, maltodextrin, soybean oil, natural smoke flavor

Available at AmazonExtreme Food

Interested in the Vegan Cuts Snack Box? [more info here] // Free shipping to the US • 7-10 snacks • Mostly gluten-free snacks • Mix of full and sample size products

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