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Vegan Cuts October 2014 Beauty Box Review

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Loved it/bought it since ★★★★ • Good stuff ★★★ • Not for me ★★ • Hated it ★

Hylunia – Skincare Line Sample –  ★★★

Description: A whole line—four different products!—of paraben and phosphate-free skincare that fights aging, acne, redness, and dryness without clogging your pores with nasty ingredients.

I really liked each of these. The line sample included a facial cleansing gel, healing and restoring cream, facial day lotion, and a night treatment. The night treatment is a little thick so I liked it better in the winter than in the summer. These modest sizes lasted me a good amount of time. I’ve discovered I like products with hyluranic acid—it really seems to make a difference in the redness of my cheeks. Restorative and repairative. I think they did a brand refresh, because I can’t find these products exactly on their site. But you can search by skin type/ailment.

Lotus Wei – Inner Peace Serum – ★★★

Description: A transformative Inner Peace Serum that uses flower power to dissolve negative feelings and inspire an overall sense of wellness.

EXPERIENCE: Deep peace, calm, confidence, comfort + contentment; strength during times of high-stress.

DISSOLVES: High levels of stress & overwhelm; feeling a lack of support; anxiety, nervousness, heart palpitations, fear, lack of confidence, nervous about public speaking

A beautiful herbal blend that reminds me of lavender. The sample looked like a perfume pump, but a little drop of serum squirts out. Great for the wrists and behind the ears. To have a relaxing sleep put a little in your hand and rub into your wrists and then wipe on your pillow.

Available at Lotus Wei

October 2014 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Feed Your SkullLovinah – Coffee Scrub – ★★★

Description: An invigorating coffee scrub that detoxifies, exfoliates and moisturizes your skin while waking your senses with its all natural coffee and vanilla scent.

Coffee scrubs aren’t my favorite, but this one was nice. Coffee exfoliates similar to sugar, but doesn’t really dissolve. It kind of makes a mess in the sink or shower too. It’s only a minor complaint, because I don’t like cleaning either of them. 😉

Available at Lovinah

Floss Gloss – Donatella Nail Polish – ★★★★

Description: Our homage to Versace Queen, Donatella. A decadent bronze crème complete with rose-gold micro-shimmer; tanning bed not required.

The bottle might look like it came from your mom’s 1980s collection of nail polishes, but I assure you it’s not. Donatella is a gorgeous autumn color with light flecks of gold/rose-gold. It has staying power and the brush applies nice even coats.

Available at Amazon • Floss Gloss

Interested in the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box? [more info here] // Free shipping to the US • 4-7 products • 100% cruelty-free • Mostly organic and natural • Mix of full and sample size products • Paraben-free products

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