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I’m Not a Purist

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The only kind of trolls I have ever liked. Circa 1992.

That’s right. I’m not a purist.

I could also call this Trolls will be Trolls. The Journey to Thicker Skin. Get Off My Back. Unintentional Language Attacks.

I am getting tired of some shit I see on social media and in my own personal corner of the internet. Some probably nice-ish people leaving weird comments, because we’re all ‘invisible’ when it comes to being online.

First off. If you don’t agree with someone’s way of living, life choices, and they haven’t invited your feedback—it’s not your mission or job to convince them to agree with whatever you agree with. Same goes for vegans trolling omnivores or sometimes vegan pages. Leave people alone. A person does more good eating less meat than eating all the meat.

It is not any individual’s right to lecture people on what they should or should not be doing. If you want to be a teacher and school those on the ‘right’ way to live go back to school yourself and get a teaching degree and teach a class or start a blog where you can happily-madly type your ideal way of living in one space.

Instead of saying:

  • I can’t believe you use xyz
  • Xyz is toxic, let me point you to this ‘research’—that’s not research at all, by any means ever, since the history of time

Say this:

  • I would try your recipe with ______, it’s my favorite
  • I haven’t used xyz in forever, it’s really working out for me
  • I’ve started to read a few things that worry me about ________, have you read those things? What are your thoughts?

We all are trying to be better communicators. I love constructive conversations about health topics. I don’t like conversations derived from fear and lack of facts.

Make the internet a less trollish place. I wouldn’t normally post something like this because it’s kind of trollish. But I’m also not a door mat for snide comments. I care passionately about our little corner here.

I thought I’d make a list of things I use and do. If they don’t meet your standard of living, please continue to live your life by not disrupting mine and if you just feel called to share your thoughts, try to do so in a constructive manner or find another blog/social media account that’s more in your vein of thought.

  1. I sometimes use a microwave. To reheat things. To steam vegetables. Not sorry.
  2. I consume organic soy products. and maybe some not organic. Again. Not sorry.
  3. I eat sugar.
  4. I sometimes eat oil and I sometimes don’t. I go both ways.
  5. I buy both organic and non-organic produce. Even non-organic that’s on the dirty dozen. Scandalous.
  7. I love vegan junk food. Yet, it’s not the mainstay of my diet. I’m not about restriction-unless it’s restricting animal products.
  8. I’m not as fit as I’d like to be, but I don’t want to be a professional weight lifter or marathoner. I’m finding my own balance by being active.
  9. I use non-stick cookware.
  10. I am married to a non-vegan—he is pescatarian 😉

I suppose that’s it for now. It feels good to get that out. Parts of that have been building for years. I shouldn’t let that happen. I have my own communication to work on. xx

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