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November 2015 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

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November 2015 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Feed Your Skull

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Loved it/bought it since ★★★★ • Good stuff ★★★ • Not for me ★★ • Hated it ★

Subscriber since September 2013.

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November 2015 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Feed Your Skull

100% Pure – Liquid Eyeliner – ★★★★

Value, $28

Description: Long lasting, richly pigmented liquid eyeliner crafted from crushed tea leaves.

Practice. Practice. Practice. The brush is fine, but my line is not. It weebles and wobbles and bobbles. // Okay so really it’s a very nice liquid liner. I love the brush. It can do a very thin or thick line. It was easy to wipe product off to get a thinner line. 100% Pure is a cruelty-free company with mostly vegan products.

Available at Amazon100% Pure

Mineral Fusion – Nail Polish, Royal Rubble – ★★★★

Value, $4

Description: Chip-resistant and long lasting nail polish in a fashionable fall shade.

Royal Rubble is a beautiful violet with a small amount of shimmers. I love smaller bottles of nail polish too and this one has a nice brush. Two coats for bottle color. Mineral Fusion is a cruelty-free company with many vegan products [product list]. Local peeps, our co-op carries this line in their very small beauty section. ❣️

Available at AmazonMineral Fusion

Nubian Heritage – Body Lotion – ★★★★

Value, $3

Description: Luxurious rich lotion powered by hemp seed oil, shea butter and neem oil to deeply moisturize.

This is my second experience with Nubian Heritage and I am loving their products. Super moisturizing and made from good oils/ingredients. I love the scent of this especially the honeysuckle notes – it’s nice and light.

Available at AmazonNubian Heritage

Shea Radiance – Moisturizing Hair Milk – ★★★★

Value, $5

Description: Moisturizing hair spritz that detangles, softens and smoothes thirsty, dry hair.

I love it! It sprays out in a stream, so sometimes I just spritz a little in my hand and rub it through the ends of my hair. It adds the right amount of moisture to second and third day hair or is a great protectant after shampooing before using the hair dryer.

Available at Shea Radiance

Bohemian Beauty – Botanical Facial Steams, Reflect – ★★★★

Value, $7.50

Description: Beautiful blend of botanicals that promotes deep relaxation while removing skin impurities.

Imagine a gorgeous blend of loose leaf tea, but for your face and soul. The smell of these herbs and flowers is heavenly! It contains red clover, lavender, rose hips, rose petals, valerian root, marigold flowers, passion flower, schisandra berries, and hops. To use, wash face and place a small handful of botanicals at the bottom of a heat-safe bowl and cover with desired amount of boiling water. Steep and allow to cool for a few minutes before placing your head over the bowl and drape a towel over your head. Relax breathing in and out for 10-15 minutes. Follow up with a toner and moisturizer.

November 2015 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Feed Your Skull

Interested in the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box? [more info here] // Free shipping to the US • 4-7 products • 100% cruelty-free • Mostly organic and natural • Mix of full and sample size products • Paraben-free products

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