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Petit Vour + Leaping Bunny Limited Edition V

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Petit Vour + Leaping Bunny Limited Edition V | Feed Your Skull

All the way back in August I was taken in by the social marketing for Petit Vour’s latest Limited Edition box.

A collaboration with Leaping Bunny Program, a program that “requires that no new animal testing is used in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories, or ingredient suppliers after a fixed cut-off date; and because of this rigid standard, this the only list and logo that consumers can truly trust.”

Finding their logo on a product at the store helps make shopping for cruelty-free products much easier.

This box which was outside of Petit Vour’s monthly subscription box of $15 retailed for $50 and the first time I tried to order it, it was sold out. When they announced a few hours later that they had more in stock I pounced on it like a frenzied beast.

All of the brands were new-to-me which was part of the thrill. I was still curious about vegan mascaras and finding one that was the best. and I thought this box would be fun to review for anyone else wondering about their specialty editions. With special editions you usually have the option to select a color of certain products, for mine it was the eyeshadow.

Now the inherent value of a box like this really all depends on how much of the products you end up liking.

I might pay $50 and the actual value is around $125, but if I don’t like 80% of the products I’ll feel gypped.

On the other hand assuming the same cost and actual value and I LOVE all of the items—I will feel like it was the best deal EVER!!

Was this the best deal ever??

Petit Vour + Leaping Bunny Limited Edition V | Feed Your Skull

Box description: A luxurious collection of Leaping Bunny-certified, non-toxic products that prove beauty is all in the details.

100% Pure – Maracuja Mascara, Black Tea

Value, $25

Description: Natural mascara colored from black tea leaves and infused with lash conditioning nutrients. Holds curls, lengthens and separates while creating luscious volume.

I have been on the hunt since I became vegan to find the mascara. I wanted a to-death-till-us-part kind of relationship. My mascara-mate. I was blown away by 100% Pure’s Maracuja Mascara. I’ve invited it to be in a polygamous mascara marriage along with Better Than Sex from Too Faced. We won’t argue about who’s first or second mascara, but just know I love them both about equally.

This mascara (and wand, because that’s just as important) is amazing. It goes on thick, but not clumpy and does a beautiful job at accentuating and amplifying your natural lashes.

100% Pure is a cruelty-free company with mostly vegan products. They source cruelty-free honey for a select number of products.

Available at Amazon100% PurePetit Vour

Petit Vour + Leaping Bunny Limited Edition V | Feed Your Skull

Fitglow – Mineral Eye Trio, Sunglow

Value, $35

Description: Highly pigmented, triple-milled mineral shadow trios that go on smooth and last all day without creasing or fading. Perfectly coordinated shades will effortlessly create beautiful eyes.

MY. NEW. FAVORITE. EYESHADOW. Also seen in the above pic demonstrating mascara. I threw this on in natural light right before we were heading out to the farmers market. That and the mascara was my shower for the day. The colors are perfect and neutral though someone with skillz could knock some amazing looks out of the park. It’s a step or two beyond a matte eyeshadow with soft non-creasy shimmers. Seriously. Very light shimmers. Don’t be alarmed it didn’t arrive this way I dropped it only recently and thankfully can still use it quite well. This was my first experience with Fitglow I’m excited to see what else they offer.

Available at Fitglow • Petit Vour

Indie Lee – Squalane Facial Oil

Value, $32

Description: 100% pure, olive-derived squalane oil promotes skin elasticity, diminishes age spots, and boosts cell regeneration and oxygenation. Leaves the complexion feeling soft and nourished – never greasy.

Truth. I think I go into skincare with pretty low or no expectations. And the nice thing about natural vegan skincare is that I’ve probably never been marketed to in the traditional tv/magazine sense. I hadn’t heard of Indie Lee until receiving this facial oil and I am in love. I immediately began using it at night mostly, because it was during the summer and I was surprise to find the redness in my cheeks going down even more.

Available at Amazon • Indie Lee

Kahina Giving Beauty – Essaouira Body Serum

Value, $32

Description: Scented witha blend of pure steam distilled essential oils, Essaouira Body Serum is a fresh, crisp fragrance combining sophisticated floral notes with a hint of the exotic. Rose, lavender, herbaceous geranium and woodsy sandalwood provide a soft floral scent while petitgrain lifts and brightens.

Directions: Apply as needed to body and hands. For best results massage into damp skin after bath or shower.

I haven’t used this one yet! 😱 The smell is gorgeous and I picked up geranium immediately—that’s become a recent favorite.

Available at AmazonKahina Giving BeautyPetit Vour

Konjac Sponge Co. – 6 Wave Pink Clay Bath Sponge

Value, $18

Description: Pure French Pink Clay gently exfoliates, softens and detoxifies tired, damaged and sensitive skin to refresh your skin’s appearance and touch. Silky soft when wet – deeply cleanses and refreshes – refines pores – conditions and calms – helps prevent ingrown hairs – suitable for sensitive skin – colouring and additive free.

I loved the konjac sponge I recieved from Dew Puff and I can’t wait to try this one from Konjac Sponge Co.! If not familiar, konjac sponges are made out of 100% vegetable fibre. They arrive light and dry and all it takes is a little soak in water to transform it into a squishy soft blob that exfoliates crazy well. The 6 Wave is designed for the body, but could be used on the face with care.

Available at Petit Vour

Bonus Items

  1. Kahina Giving Beauty – Argan Oil 100% Organic
  2. Osea – Atmosphere Protection Cream

Total value of items, $142. I paid $50. This worked out in my favor considering several of the products have become no. 1 in my routines.

What are your thoughts?

Interested in the Petit Vour sub box? “Inside your box, you’ll find 4 personalized beauty products for you to apply, blend, buff, lather, soak, and spray. The samples are generously sized (and sometimes full-sized!), with enough product for you to figure out if it’s right for you.” [more info here]

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