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5 Tips to Eat More Raw Foods

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Banana Cream Pie Green SmoothieWe all want to get back to basics of eating from time to time. For me that is plant-based. Here are my tips! <3

1 – Make a smoothie meal; fill your blender with fruit and/or vegetables. You can easily get a day’s recommendation of fruit and veg this way. Any more and they’re bonus points.
Smoothie Inspiration •Salad Inspiration and a Recipe for Gratitude Salad Dressing | Fe

2 – Learn how to grow your own sprouts. They are super cheap and quality controlled. For their size they are powerful nutrient forces and taste great on salads, in smoothies, on sandwiches, and over baked/steamed potatoes.

3 – Bring pre-cut apples, carrots, cucumbers, mango, celery, cucumber, and radishes in a little container or ball jar to work. Take advantage of the pre-cut and pre-prepared veggies at the supermarket that are ready to go. I love the $5 bags of broccoli florets at Safeway.

4 – Bored by salads? Quit making boring ones! Food has no rules. Make a salad out of your favorite vegetables (and fruits). Try adding a new vegetable in weekly. Fermented sauerkraut is amazing on salads!

5 – Take a break from bread and tortillas and buy big leafy greens. Romaine, collards, Swiss Chard, and butter leaf lettuce make great vessels for fabulous raw foods burrito or wrap.

Fruit and vegetables are hydrating and tasty. Their fiber helps our digestive systems run smoothly which then helps our skin glow. I’m not anti-processed foods person, but often we need to bring things back to basics. Our bodies feel better and so do our taste buds.

What helps you reset? xx

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