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Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag Review {October 2015}

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October 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

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Each new month, the mystery bag features sample sneak peeks from upcoming collections and future releases, plus a selection of our custom blended fragrances and handcrafted body care products.

Rainbow Honey offers a cruelty-free and vegan monthly nail and ‘spa’ subscription service for $12.95.

October 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

Magic Brix Nail Polish, 5ml

Description: Are you ready for another Magic World preview? Meet Magic Brix, a shiny brick red creme you’ll have to stomp through to get to the next level! Magic World is an upcoming collection for 2016!

Love it! It’s a deep coral-orangey-red.

My Midnight Garden Nail Polish, 5ml

Description: This color is quite the standout for an evening manicure! My Midnight Garden is a deep midnight emerald green with a hint of blue shimmer for added twinkle! My Midnight Garden will be part of the Midnight Garden Collection, set to be re-released (along with some new friends) in early 2016!

Honestly, I would never consider this green, it is blue 100%. Hope it’s not a case like the dress. What color do  you see? I’m not a fan of deep blue nail polish anymore. I blame it on the 5 punk colors available to me in high school during the late 90s.

October 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

La Isla Morada Nail Polish, 5ml

Description: Does the Island of Purple really exist? We hope it does and we wanted to capture what it would look like with our deep purple lacquer sprinkled with black glitters, white shards and iridescent shimmer to create a purple island oasis on your nails!

A color perfect for Halloween fun. The black glitters really stand out while you kind of have to search for the white shards.

The Bubbly Solid Perfume Balm, .15oz

Description: Formulated with tons of shea butter and natural skin loving oils, The Bubbly Solid Perfume Balm is a great “pick me up” to dry skin spots all over and leaves behind our popular Bubbly scent! Happy New Year!

I can’t place the overall scent in The bubbly, but it has a very pungent oregano-like scent.

The Bubbly Lip Balm, .15oz

Description: Did you hear? The Bubbly is coming back in December and to celebrate its return, we give you, the Bubbly Lip Balm! A new flavor to compliment our Bubbly fragrance! Our flavored lip balms have been formulated to nourish and protect your lips…packed with Maracuja Oil and Vitamin E, our moisturizing lip balms will soothe and protect dry lips all year long!

Hmmm. This is very interesting. The perfume balm of the same scent kind of smells like ass, I didn’t say it up there, but I’m saying it here. The lip balm on the other hand (of the same scent) smells like concord grapes and deliciousness?! Maybe I got a bad perfume balm.

Fall Bouquet Bubble Bath, 1oz

Description: Formulated to produce rich and creamy bath bubbles, our Fall Bouquet Bubble Bath, a light and fragrant blend of apples, wildberries, and fall flowers, provides a relaxing bubble bath experience and leaves you feeling refreshed and soft! Apply a small amount to warm tub water and enjoy! 

Beautiful scent! Can I get this as a candle?? K thanks! 🙂

To check out their full collections and other mystery bag options go to rainbowhoney.com. xx


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