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Vegan Cuts Snack Box, All Treats No Tricks Review {October 2015}

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October 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

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October 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

Nature’s Bakery • Pumpkin Spice Bar • ★★★★

Value, $1

Description: A seasonal blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and pumpkin to fulfill your fall cravings.

When you’re compiling your PS flavored things make sure to add these fig bars to the list. I think they are only around during this time of year so stock up. These natural fig bars balance that pumpkin spice flavor perfectly.

Available at AmazonFind a store near you

Bixby Bar • Nutty for You Candy Bar • ★★★★

Value, $2.99

Description: Decadent dark chocolate + crunchy peanut butter make for the perfect fall treat. 

Sorry there’s no picture. Maybe try Instagram? All I know is I think these bars have to make an appearance in our Christmas stockings this year. It’s not quite a Snickers, but it’s pretty close. If you go to their site, I love how you can sort by ‘vegan’ and just look at those bars.

Available at AmazonVegan CutsBixby

October 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

Snack Out Loud • Power Puffs, BBQ Flavor • ★★★★

Value, $1.12

Description: Delicious and nutritious snacks with a bold sweet and tangy BBQ flavor.

Back at again with that Cheeto-like shape and crunch. This time in a tasty sweet BBQ flavor. Delicious!

October 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

I Heart Keenwah • Sea Salt + Truffle Bites • ★★★★

Value, $3.49

Description: Our sea salt truffle quinoa puffs have the sophisticated flavors of real sea salt and earthy dried truffle, perfect for a refined munch.

Love them! Another ‘hard’ crunchy snack that’s not a chip. I’m a fan. Love the salty truffle flavor and it’s fastly approaching favorite status for me. (Sweet Chili & Herbs de Provence are also vegan flavors)

Available at AmazonI Heart Keenwah

Yogi Tea • Tea Samples • ★★★★

Value, $0.80

Description: Find a moment to zen out and relax with this bold and flavorful tea.

The two flavors I received were Roasted Dandelion Spice, a detox tea, and Raspberry Ginger Digestive Vitality. Both were very tasty. Dandelion teas have become one of my favorites the last few years and this one did not disappoint. I also loved that these samples came with a coupon!

Available at AmazonYogi Tea

October 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

Crio Brü • Warm Cocoa Drink • ★★★★

Value, $5.95

Description: Premium cocoa grounds in a seasonal pumpkin spice flavor.

I was a little skeptical of this one. It’s not coffee, it’s 100% ground cocoa beans. Have you ever heard of such a thing? They were a little bit lighter than light roast coffee beans and the flavor was actually really good! Claims to have less caffeine than de-caf, 10k+ UI antioxidants per serving, and natural energy from theobromine without the jitters.

Available at Crio Brü

October 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

Dippin’ Chips • Kale & Quinoa Chips • ★★★★

Value, $3

Description: Uniquely shaped kale and quinoa chips designed for dipping. 

Of all the kale chips I’ve tried lately, these have been the best. Great texture, good flavor, good balance of the saltiness, and they held their shape well.

Available at…Find a retailer

SkinnyPop • White Cheddar Popcorn • ★★★★

Value, $1

Description: Your favorite white cheddar popcorn snack made with all of the flavor and none of the guilt.

I inhaled these. So good. I’m familiar with the brand and usually pick a bag up every once in awhile at Safeway. The cheddar flavor is really good and of course dairy-free.

Available at AmazonSkinnyPop

October 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

Pacific Foods • Organic Seitan, Original • ★

Value, $4

Description: A blend of wheat protein, red beans and sprouted lentils for a quick + delicious addition to your favorite dish.

I think Pacific Foods is probably most well known for their soups, broths, and plant-based milks. I was excited to try something new from them. Unfortunately, I tried a bite of this seitan cold and promptly threw the entire thing. It was honestly the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tried. It made me feel sad that some people might think that that’s what ‘vegan’ food is/tastes like. What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite way to prepare it?

Available at … Find a retail location

October 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

Bonus Item 🎀

Value, $4.64

D’s Naturals (Mint Chocolate No Cow Bar)

// Overall value, $27.99 • Actual cost, $19.95 //

Interested in the Vegan Cuts Snack Box? [more info here] // Free shipping to the US • 7-10 snacks • Mostly gluten-free • Mix of full and sample size products

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