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Cozy Curry Oats

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Cozy Curry Oats | Feed Your Skull

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I reinvent the wheel daily.

I just can’t help myself and I’m always looking to do that with oatmeal. It’s such perfect basic grain that you can combine it with savory or sweet flavors and sometimes a combination of both.

Curry was once an elusive spice for me, but I made the commitment to use it more.

And I have.

It’s warm and fragrant opening tenfold if it’s the first thing you add to the pan or add it in during the cooking process so it can sidle into wallflower status.

That’s what I did with today’s oats.

Today’s oats have a soft curry flavor with a subtle sweetness from a few tablespoons of raisins [how to make homemade raisins].

Curry does not come from one magical plant or root, but rather a blend of exotic spices. I used to think it came from a majestic plant. It’s okay if you still want to believe that.

Nor is there one straight curry flavor or blend. Some curries pack a pungent heat like Madras—great in thick Indian stews brimming with beans. Others are sweet and mild emphasizing cardamom and sweet basil complimenting many foods.

Curry Seasoning | Feed Your SkullA basic curry blend includes: turmeric, coriander, cardamom, cumin, sweet basil, and red pepper.

Turmeric provides the bold color plus an antioxidant waterfall. The remaining spices add their own boasts, but really give it the ‘cozy’ spice feeling—as I like to refer to it.

Cozy Curry Oats | Feed Your Skull

Cozy Curry Oats



      Nourish Yourself
    1. Add ingredients to small saucepan, turn to medium heat, and bring ingredients to a boil. Turn down heat to a simmer and cook 5-7 minutes or until oats are fluffy.



    Cozy Curry Oats | Feed Your Skull

    Enjoy feeding your skull with these cozy curry oats. I sure did. 😋

    Did you love curry right away or still working on it? xx

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