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Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag Review {September 2015}

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September 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

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Each new month, the mystery bag features sample sneak peeks from upcoming collections and future releases, plus a selection of our custom blended fragrances and handcrafted body care products.

Rainbow Honey offers a cruelty-free and vegan monthly nail and ‘spa’ subscription service for $12.95.

September 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

Vanilla Plains Cooling Gel

Description: Our moisturizing aloe vera gel formula leaves behind cool, soft skin and scented with a sneak peek from our upcoming Magic World collection, Vanilla Plains! Vanilla Plains is an epic vanilla cake aroma and is one of our secret ingredients to Magic World!

I have been loving their cooling gels and September’s is no different. This one is called Vanilla Plains and it seriously makes me want a snickerdoodle cookie. 😏

Way Cooler Body Mist

Description: Enjoy our light and airy body mist formula with Way Cooler! A refreshing blend of pears, quince, and acai berries for that much needed pick me up! Way Cooler is part of our upcoming Magic World collection. Our moisturizing body mist is formulated to refresh your skin and hair and is alcohol and paraben-free!

The body mist smells very refreshing like a shower after having been at the beach. They describe it as a refreshing blend of pears, quince, and acai berries. I love that it’s alcohol and paraben-free – it could even be sprayed on my hair!

Chocomint Valley Soap Bar

Description: Chocolate mint lovers … Cleanse and moisturize your skin while delighting your senses with our newest Soap Bar from our upcoming collection, Magic World! Meet Chocomint, a true blend of dark chocolates, mint, and cocoa!

The soap is appropriately chocolate in color and smells really good. It’s a little weird using a brown soap though. Just me? 💩

September 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

Underwater World Nail Polish, 5 ml

Description: From a far away place called Magic World, comes Underwater World, a magical glitter topper packed with bright stars and white dust shimmer… did you find the magic keyhole? Everything looks different under water!

Underwater World is chock full of vibrant green, yellow, and teal stars.

Just Sugar Coat It, 5 ml

Description: Inspired by the ever adorable & colorful sugar swizzle sticks, Just Sugar Coat It! adds a shiny sweet glaze with depth adding iridescent glitters and shimmer to any manicure! Just Sugar Coat It is part of an upcoming Glaze collection featuring all swizzle stick colors!

Just Sugar Coat It! is full of iridescent glitters and shimmers that will leave me feeling like a sugar cookie when done. I think.

Truffle Cappuccino Cuticle Oil, 15 ml (full size)

Description: Fall Treats Sneak Peek Alert! Belgian truffles, espresso blended with steamed milk and a touch of spicy cinnamon makes our Truffle Cappuccino Scented Cuticle Oil a cozy coffee-house aroma! Part of this year’s Fall Treats featuring Coffee Blends.

In the full-size department I received a bottle of cuticle oil in the scent Truffle Cappuccino. I’m a huge fan of Rainbow Honey’s cuticle oils. I keep them by my bed and sweep a coat across my entire nail, from cuticle to edge. It protects my nails so well during the winter months and has even allowed them to strengthen over time.

To check out their full collections and other mystery bag options go to rainbowhoney.com. xx

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