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Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag Review {August 2015}

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August 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

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Each new month, the mystery bag features sample sneak peeks from upcoming collections and future releases, plus a selection of our custom blended fragrances and handcrafted body care products.

Rainbow Honey offers a cruelty-free and vegan monthly nail and ‘spa’ subscription service for $12.95.

August 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

Mr. Saturn Nail Polish, 7.5ml

Description: The year was 199X and the place was Saturn Valley…meet the innocent and peaceful, Mr. Saturn, in all its peachy creme glory, for some fly honey! (Yes! The Summer of 199X will be back next summer, with new friends we think you’ll love! Summer 2016)

I love the color, it’s a perfect skin tone peach. I’m not a fan of the polish though. Any of their formulas that is a solid color with shimmer inside doesn’t apply well for me. And as it dries it shrinks back from the edge of the nail. I don’t quite understand it.

Jelly Red Sandals Nail Polish, 7.5ml

Description: A nod to the classic red jelly sandal we had growing up, this summer jelly red lacquer will definitely turn heads towards your hands and feet! Exclusive to this month’s mystery bag.

Love it! It’s a beautiful cherry red and absolutely looks like jelly. It applies really well and looks great with glitter toppers or as a stand alone.

August 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull


August 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

All Your Base, 15ml (full-size)

Description: We know we’ve been featuring many new polishes from future collections, but what about a good base coat for all of those pretty colors? Formulated with Vitamin E for healthy nails, our very own base coat provides an even surface for your favorite polish, extends the life of your manicure and protects your nail beds from staining!

If you want to extend the wear of your nail polish by a few days from chips and nicks a base coat is just as helpful as a topcoat. It ensures the nail polish sticks to the nail bed.

Fruit Juice Perfume Oil Rollerball, 4ml

Description: Too many hit points got you down? “Lifeup” with our supercharged blend of strawberry, kiwi, peach, and melon perfume oil rollerball! Our silky and soft rollerball formula is easy to apply anytime for extra points! Part of the return of The Summer of 199X Collection coming next summer 2016.

I used this up pretty quick. The scent reminds me of all the kool-aid I used to drink as a kid without the diabetes.

Fruit Juice Bath Oil, 29ml

Description: Blended with fine oils for bath and body, our new Fruit Juice Bath Oil, a supercharged blend of strawberry, kiwi, peach, and melon, absorbs into skin for all over hydration! // HOW TO USE: Use in a bubble bath, after shower or with your next massage! Add a small amount to damp skin after shower or use desired amount for a massage. This new product will be available this fall! Let us know how it goes!

Love it! I think I’ll use it mainly as after shower moisturization.

Fruit Juice Bath Tea, 1 bag

Description: We are very excited to introduce Rainbow Honey’s own Bath Tea blend! A luxurious and indulgent blend of Lemongrass, Chamomile, Orange Peel, Rose, Passion Flower and Lavender is relaxing, soothing and pampering! Gently scented with Fruit Juice, this bath tub soak will leave you relaxed and zen! Soak your hands or feet!

Pro tip: If you don’t like taking baths, you can still use products like this. Just fill your tub with a couple of inches of warm/hot water, add this, and sit on the edge of the tub for a comfy foot soak. You can even pull up a chair to the edge of the tub to sit on that instead. Soak for 10-20 minutes for a super pampering experience. I found this year that I’m able to gently push back my super long cuticles when they’ve soaked first. Plus it’s relaxing.

To check out their full collections and other mystery bag options go to rainbowhoney.com. xx

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