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CSA Haul, Week 12 | More Beets? 😫

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CSA Haul, Week 12 | Feed Your Skull

I picked up week 12 of our WSU Organic farm share yesterday and it looks amazing as always.

Week 12 included:

  • One head of rainbow Swiss chard
  • A bunch of beets 😩 (I’m tired of beets – sorry, not sorry)
  • Two bulbs of garlic
  • Two onions
  • Six beautiful red tomatoes
  • Bag of green beans
  • Summer squash
  • Cucumber
  • Mixed pepper selection (jalapeños, padron peppers, etc)
  • Basil bouquet
  • Fresh dill
  • Two lemon cucumbers

CSA Haul, Week 12 | Feed Your SkullInformation about our share

  • Started May 29, 2015 | Ends October, 23, 2015 (sniff sniff) | 22 weeks in total
  • Cost: $597 (a full share feeds 4-6 people, explanation below) or $27/week
  • Your share may be picked up by someone else, they just need to provide the correct name
  • All produce is organic and grown on the farm/on campus

Our household consists of Jeremy and I and, yes, we decided to purchase a full share. At the beginning I had no idea if I should go with the regular or full boxes.

A full share can feed 4-6 people. Yes, there’s only two of us.

Am I nuts?

My rationality 😊 was that I’m vegan and Jeremy’s pescatarain, which really means mostly vegan with fish/eggs/cheese sometimes. We eat way more vegetables than the average american especially since we try to focus on plant-based eating first and processed eating second.

I will say the purchase of our share has cut down on our grocery store trips and costs. I loved that we paid for it all up front and that I know what to approximately budget for next year. I love that we’ve been eating HIGH organic the past 11 weeks.

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten this much organic food ever. We tend to mix and match conventional with organic depending on the produce and sometimes even our mood that day (aka frugality).


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