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Mani Monday: Never Been to a Rave

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Never Been to a Rave Mani Monday | Feed Your SkullI think veganism was my gateway into the beauty and makeup world. When you start researching alternative products for staple items you’ve taken for granted over the last decade you tend to learn a lot.

I subscribe to Vegan Cuts, Petit Vour, and Rainbow Honey monthly ‘beauty’ subscription services. Partly because I blog and want to review all the things, but also because a few years ago I had no idea where to learn about or buy new products.

Products like mascara and nail polish. To find brands that don’t test on beagles or other small animals or have animal byproducts in their ingredient list.

Never Been to a Rave Mani Monday | Feed Your SkullToday I bring you a Mani Monday inspired by nail polishes from Rainbow Honey and Color Club.

The Colors

Color Club: Snow Queen, a very dark dark dark violet

Rainbow Honey: Magic Cake, a clear polish filled with pink, blue, and yellow ‘confetti’

I would swear to you the Color Club’s Snow Queen is black, I thought so myself for the first 3 days until I looked it up online. Supposedly it is purple. You can almost tell with coat one, but it definitely needs two coats. It’s beautiful though!

Never Been to a Rave Mani Monday | Feed Your SkullThe Mani

  1. Three-in-one treatment from LVX
  2. Two coats of Snow Queen
  3. One coat of Magic Cake
  4. Top coat from Rainbow Honey

I love the neon contrast over the rich violet/black. It’s beautiful! It reminded me of a rave even though I’ve never been to one. 🙂


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