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Summer Mani Time! Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | July 2015

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Rainbow Honey July 2015 Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

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Rainbow Honey offers a cruelty-free and vegan monthly nail and ‘spa’ subscription service for $12.95.

I began my subscription December 2014.

July is speaking to me! The colors the scents are gorgeous! The golds and greens make me feel like I’m at the beach.

Or that I want to go to the beach. 😭

Rainbow Honey July 2015 Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

Sweet Mandarin Lip Sugar Scrub

Description: Sweet and full of pucker, our Sweet Mandarin Sugar Lip Scrub is a fruity taste of a new line of lip balms and sugar lip scrubs coming soon! Enriched with shea butter, deliciously and gently exfoliates the outer surface layers of your lips making your lips smooth, soft and comfortable!

Lovely scent! The texture and luxuriousness is just as lovely as the past lippy scrubs.

👄 😂

Rainbow Honey July 2015 Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

Rainbow Honey Organic Shea Butter Treatment

Description: Use on lips, hands, elbows, knees, feet or any dry spot! At the Rainbow Honey Lab, we love shea butter. We use it in many of our body care products, but this is the first time we are offering it in its purest form! 100% organic shea butter!

I’m a fan of shea butter. I’ve gotten a few packets in some of the earlier Vegan Cuts’ boxes that have lasted me quite awhile. I like to use a little bit in my homemade deodorant sometimes or home bath emollients. I’m thinking this is refined shea butter because it is white and raw/unrefined ones I’ve had in the past have a pale yellow hue as well as a more present odor.

Pomelo Body Splash – 1 fl oz

Description: The signature fragrance blends of our upcoming Summer Treats collection, our light refreshing body splash is a great “pick me up” this summer.

Yes. Reminds me of the days I would go into Bath & Body and go for their 5 for $7 deal or whatever it was. Then all of sudden you have Juniper Breeze, Sweet Pea, etc galore. Pomelo is deliciously citrus and very refreshing.

Available at RH

Starting with the yellow gold…

Costa Dorada – 7.5 ml

Description: No need to go west for gold! This gold rush in a bottle looks stunning in its tinted yellow/gold base or on top of your manicure for extra opulence!

I agree and I think I have a legitimate problem with this color. Like an obsessed problem. As you can see my shirt is a similar hue, I also own two cardigans that are a darker mustard shade. I JUST LOVE IT. okay?

Calama – 7.5 ml

Description: Inspired by the Copper Capital of the world, Calama represents the chemical reaction that occurs when copper is in contact with other elements and oxidizes over time; a gorgeous opaque green you can find all over town and in our upcoming elements collection!

It’s a stunning stunning green that would put Ariel’s scales to shame.

Summer Tan – 7.5 ml

Description: Beautiful & opaque golden glow lacquer matches up nicely to your summer beach look!

Summer tan has that ‘jelly’ look thanks to the sheer gold color and they’ve topped it off with beautiful gold glitter flecks to match.


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