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Vegan Cuts, Snack Strong Review {July 2015}

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July 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

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Vegan Cuts $10 off coupon code in the store thru 8/31/15: JULSNACKS

D’s Naturals • No Cow Bar • ★★★

Value, $2.32

Description: A mint chocolate rice protein bar that’s healthy and delicious.

It is delicious. It is healthy. And it’s PACKED with fiber, 19g to be exact. Make sure to drink plenty of water with this and throughout the day or you might get a stomache in the wake of potent farts.

Available at AmazonD’s Naturals

Chic-A-Peas • Sweet BBQ • ★★★★

Value, $2.29

Description: Chic-a-Peas are a baked crunchy chickpea snack. Healthy and delicious, they are perfect for snacking and make a great topping on salads. Chickpeas, a touch of oil, & spices… that’s it.

Perfect BBQ flavor and crunch.

Available at AmazonChic-A-Peas

Bell Plantation • PB Thins • ★★★★

Value, $1

Description: A crunchy, light and peanut buttery snack made with simple, high quality ingredients.

If you like peanut buttery things or are a fan of PB powder, this is a tasty snack served in a 100 calorie pack. I wouldn’t go out of my way to order them, but if they were handy at a gas station or grocery store, I might pick them up.

Available at AmazonBell Plantation

July 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

Nutryvitta • Banana Bar • ★★★★

Value, $0.83

Description: Nutritious and delicious banana bars with no added sugar.

Sometimes it’s really amazing what you can do with only 2 fruits and a dehydrator. This dark bar is made from only bananas and plums with no added sugar. The texture is chewy but soft and the flavor is really nice. Would be excellent for a post workout snack at only 78 calories, but all the nutrients of fresh bananas and plums.

Available at Amazon

Milas Foods • Classic Hummus Dip • ★★★★

Value, $2

Description: A healthy hummus dip that pairs perfectly with pita or veggies.

Delicious ready to go hummus that tasted great with the included Lundberg crackers. A+

July 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

Pasta Chips • Garlic Olive Oil • ★★★★

Value, $1.60

Description: Thin and crispy oven baked pasta chips for a healthy Italian-inspired snack.

Surprise! We’ve already tried Pasta Chips! We picked them up at Safeway near the deli section one day. They’re so good you could eat an entire bag. Super dangerous. Love the garlic olive oil flavor. They have several flavors, but don’t expect to know anything about them by going to their website. Pictures only. After a little ingredient list perusing on Amazon I can tell you the vegan flavors are: garlic olive oil, sea salt, and spicy tomato herb.

Available at Amazon

July 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

World Peas • Ranch Crunchy Peas • ★★★★

Value, $2

Description: Savory ranch snacks that’ll make you want to give peas a chance.

If you love wasabi peas like me you’ll probably love these ranch peas. They’re crunchy without the kick. World Peas has 7 varieties of crunchy peas and they are all vegan.

Available at Amazon

July 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

Numi Organic Tea • Turmeric Tea • ★★★★

Value, $0.67

Description: An aromatic fair trade turmeric tea to revitalize, enrich, and restore.

Turmeric is known as a potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory spice. What better way to enjoy it than in a cup of warm or iced tea? Just be wary of the tag and what mug you use. Turmeric stains like a bad B*&$#.

Available at AmazonNumi Tea

July 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

Scheckter’s Organic Energy • Original Energy Drink • ★★★★

Value, $2.83

Description: An all natural and organic energy drink to give your [sic] a mental boost.

If you like energy drinks like Dark Dog, Scheckter’s is another good one.

Available at AmazonList of Retailers

July 2015 Vegan Cuts Snack Box | Feed Your Skull

Tasty Bite • Pad Thai • ★★★

Value, $4.69

Description: Our enticing version of Thailand’s most famous national dish. We toss fresh-cooked noodles with vegetables and crunchy peanuts in a sweet and savory blend of herbs and spices. Heat. Serve. Enjoy.

Ingredients: Wheat Noodles, Water, Onions, Carrots, Roasted Peanuts, Baby Corn, Raw Sugar, Tomatoes, Sunflower Oil, Garlic, Scallions, Water Chestnuts, Natural Flavors, Celery, Vinegar, Ginger, Thai Basil, Chilies

I’ve picked up a few Tasty Bite packages at our local Dissmore’s and many of them are vegan and very tasty. The noodle ones kind of taste the same to me, but I love several of their Indian cuisine offerings. They are especially good over rice or potatoes. They are pretty affordable (especially if you buy locally) and easy to heat up if you are a college student. I am not, but I live in a college town and I love that there are some dorm-friendly veg options available to students. All packets are vegetarian, check the upper right info area on the back (or the ingredients) to see if a particular flavor is vegan.

Available at AmazonTasty Bite • Find Locally

Lundberg • Multigrain Chips, Redwood Smoky BBQ

Value, $2

Description: A multigrain chip with a sweet, smoky, and delightfully tangy crunch.

A nice BBQ chip.

Bonus Items ✨ 🎁

Value, $3

Pop Art

// Overall value, $25.23 • Actual cost, $19.95 //

Interested in the Vegan Cuts Snack Box? [more info here] // Free shipping to the US • 7-10 snacks • Mostly gluten-free • Mix of full and sample size products

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