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CSA Haul Week 8

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CSA Week 8 | Feed Your Skull

I waited a little too late to take pictures of this week’s CSA haul, but pixelated graininess aside the beauty is evident.

The Haul:

  1. Bunch of parsley
  2. Bunch of carrots
  3. 2 cucumbers (one is a cucarang)
  4. 1 zucchini
  5. Bunch of green onions
  6. Head of broccoli
  7. Bunch of chioggia beets + greens
  8. Bunch of Swiss chard
  9. Small head of red cabbage
  10. Head of romaine (not pictured)

The broccoli has some yellow bits that I think is from being too dry. Makes sense as we’ve been ‘luxuriating’ in 100 degree temperatures. It will be best if we can use that up asap. According to google it’s safe to eat, but might not be as palatable.

I might make some tabouli or juice the parsley, I’m loving how fresh the scent is.

CSA Week 8 | Feed Your SkullThe carrots are cracking me up. Normally I would think such abnormalities are GMO-related, but these beauties are home-grown and organic.

Pro-tip when buying beets, carrots, or anything with tops you can eat—be sure to remove the greens promptly. Use scissors or a knife to cut right above the root. The leaves ‘feed’ off the root and will cause them to shrivel if left on after harvest. If you plan to use the greens place them in a Ziploc bag or sealed container.

I’m excited for our first tomatoes, I imagine they will be arriving soon. xx

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