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Bring on Spring! Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | April 2015

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Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag April 2015 | Feed Your Skull

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Rainbow Honey offers a cruelty-free and vegan monthly nail and ‘spa’ subscription service for $12.95.

I began my subscription December 2014.

I think when spring time hits we start to act like drunk animals stumbling around and drinking in the fresh oxygen.

We’re so damn happy to see even a minute more of daylight each evening.

The color starts to come back to our faces from being outside with less clothes on each day.

And nature starts to give us a little bit more color too.

In the PNW crocuses start to pop up as early as the end of February—take that Midwest childhood—and things slowly make their shift towards GREEN!

The nail colors in April’s Rainbow Honey mystery bag remind me exactly of the neighborhood crocuses in Portland. I don’t think we see any of that here in Pullman, but we do get some lovely wildflowers in the spring.

This month includes 3 mini nail polishes, cuticle oil, lip sugar scrub, and lip balm.

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag April 2015 | Feed Your Skull

Haha I love the shape of the lip scrub. Shea sugar poo.

Melon Fizz Sugar Lip Scrub

Description: Fun and really flavorful, our Melon Fizz Sugar Lip Scrub is a fruity taste of a new line, inspired by summer drinks coming soon! Our flavored lip sugar scrub deliciously and gently exfoliates the outer surface layers of your lips making your lips smooth, soft and comfortable!

Ingredients: avocado oil, candelilla wax, coconut oil, vitamin E, shea butter, +/- flavor.

This was like rubbing watermelon chapstick rubbed in sugar all over my lips. The fragrance is light and tasty! I’m thinking lip scrubs should be included in my nighttime routine, but hasn’t made it there yet.

Melon Fizz Nourishing Lip Balm

Description: Apply our lip balm, following your lip sugar scrub treatment for soft, sweet lips! Melon Fizz is part of a new line, inspired by summer drinks, coming soon!

Ingredients: avocado oil, babassu seed oil, candelilla wax, coconut oil, castor seed oil, vitamin E, +/- fragrance, flavor, stevia extract.

My eyes uncontrollably roll back in my head when I use their lip balms. They’re so silky and smooth for a solid formula.

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag April 2015 | Feed Your Skull

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag April 2015 | Feed Your Skull

From the left.

Delphine – 7.5 ml

Description: Celebrate spring with Delphine, a pastel blueberry crème packed with our signature shimmer blend!

This color is a beautiful light pastel and it’s reminding me of our lavender bush that should be blooming soon. A thing I’ve noticed about the Rainbow Honey shimmer blends—which is a normal looking nail polish with the lightest of shimmers—is that they have to be shaken very well and are best applied over the edge of the nail. After a day or so it’s like the polish ice ages it’s way from the edge of your nail. Not chips, like the nail polish shrinks as it dries. ??

Thistle Tresses – 7.5 ml

Description: Adorn your nails with this vivid blend of violet, blue and teal glitters! Top your manicure or accent nail with this sparkly floral stunner!

The small glitters in this polish, that don’t show up well in the photo, are very opalescent and beautiful.

Eidolon – 7.5 ml

Description: Explore your spiritual curiosity with this shimmery gold-purple that’s out of this world!

A gorgeous darker pastel.

Pomelo Cuticle Oil – 7.5 ml

Description: Our cuticle oil is formulated to heavily moisturize cuticles, repair dry and damaged cuticles and is the ultimate cuticle defender when used often. Cuticle oils also help stimulate new nail growth and increase circulation to the nail bed, so it’s important to treat and care for them (and it makes your manicures look great too).

I’ve been keeping this on my nightstand and applying a quick coat when I get into bed before I read. Apply with a light hand if you’re reading or you’ll have little oily paw prints on your book like me. 🐾 Loving it just the same!


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