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Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | March 2015

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Rainbow Honey March 2015 Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

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Rainbow Honey offers a cruelty-free and vegan monthly nail and ‘spa’ subscription service for $12.95.

I began my subscription December 2014.

As their letter said, “Spring is on finally on the horizon…”!! I for one couldn’t be happier about that.

With spring comes new growth, fresh earthy scented air, and depending on where you live—colors other than grey, brown, and white.

March’s mystery bag includes a solid perfume (!what!), perfume oil rollerball, and 3 7.5 ml nail polishes.

Rose Macaron Solid Perfume – .15 oz

Description: We are bringing back our newest solid perfume formula, now in a perfume stick form (as many of you suggested and preferred!), featuring La Patisserie’s last signature scent; Rose Macaron…making a triumphant return! Our Rose Macaron is a soft rose colored pastry shell fragrance filled with ganache made of coconuts, almonds and blended rose nectars! A lovely and beautiful way to treat yourself.

Ingredients: avocado oil, candelilla wax, coconut oil, +/- fragrance.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but Rose 🌹 is one of my favorite scents! It’s my first time trying a solid perfume and I guess it’s basically chapstick for your wrists with a stronger scent. Another pocket-sized treat that can be easily applied after a run, bike ride, or yoga class. Takes up zero space, so could be nice while traveling (the larger size is .5 oz). It’s a creamy white color and has only 4 ingredients.

Petit Four Perfume Oil Rollerball – 4 ml

Description: Petit Four is an elegant mini cake perfume, made of sweet buttercream and layered with tender confectionery coconut flakes with hints of spring! Parlez-vous, yummy?!!

Ingredients: Cydomethicone and +/- fragrance.

Not my favorite scent. This smells like coconut mixed with something I can’t quite place. I do like the small size and the application.

Rainbow Honey March 2015 Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

Starting from the left.

Tea Biscuit Top Coat – 7.5 ml

Description: Our glossy top coat formula, scented with La Patisserie’s second signature scent, Tea Biscuit! Tea Biscuit will remind you of fresh baked tea cake loaves from the busy patisseries of Rue Cler. Tea will be served at high noon!

Lemon Honey – 7.5 ml

Description: A beautiful and sunny lemon yellow lacquer with a touch of honey, gently packed with micro gold flakes. Perfect to spring you forward!

Lemon Honey is a sweet pale yellow perfect for spring. I think it would go nice with Rosey Bot from January’s Mystery Bag.

Crystal Sword – 7.5 ml

Description: A jelly pink base packed with holographic glitters and timid butterflies in a sea of glittering gold, crystals and holos.

Well, okay then! It is a jelly pink and I think—in person—it looks rather strange, but perhaps when applied it will make sense to me.

Kozmic Blues – 7.5 ml

Description: A sneak peek of the upcoming Galaxy Nails Set part II, is Kozmic Blues…a deep kozmic blue packed with holo hex and precious metal pigments!

This one is a rich jelly blue color and very galaxy-esque, so the name is fitting. I think Kozmic would look good using the ombre effect with last month’s Tsukimi and a white base.

Rainbow Honey March 2015 Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull


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