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Mother’s Marketplace in Hood River, Oregon

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Mother's Marketplace
It’s right next to a lumber yard and looks like a trailer, but I swear it’s a store!

We found ourselves going through Hood River this past weekend and lucky for us it was lunchtime. Instead of stopping just anywhere I decided to search Yelp for vegan, it’s a great way to support veg-focused small business.

With that search I found Mother’s Marketplace, a small vegetarian-vegan grocery store with an even smaller deli inside.

Taking exit 64 off of Interstate 84, then turning right onto route 30, you might miss that it’s there, even if you’re using GPS.

We did!

It’s in a trailer-sized building with a busy logo (if you haven’t seen it before) adjacent to a lumber yard. We drove by, but were able to pull into the lumber yard and—probably illegally—drive through the parking lot to get to Mother’s.

Mother's Marketplace | Feed Your SkullThere’s a checkout counter, a few shelves, a small section of fresh and local produce (except for the dates and coconuts), a deli, and even a bathroom.

Mother's Marketplace | Feed Your SkullOur haul consisted of lunch and fun impulse buys from looking around.

The Haul:

  • R.W. Knudsen organic pineapple juice
  • Tofurky Sandwich
  • Mother’s own ranch style seasoning
  • 2 bags of Lundberg rice chips
  • Mi-Del vanilla snaps (I’m hoping they’re like vanilla wafers, so I can make this)
  • Alternative Baking Company’s peanut butter persuasion
  • The Philly wrap
  • Maskal’s brown teff
  • Townsend’s rose water kombucha
  • ginger beer

Because we’re smart and trust each other’s choices we split our sandwich and wrap so we could both try something new. I liked ‘my’ sandwich the best, but they were both good. Pickles and mustard really send a good sandwich into exceptionally good sandwich territory.

Mother's Marketplace | Feed Your SkullIn case either of us want to recreate sandwich heaven, I grabbed a picture of both the sandwich and ingredients (wrap and sandwich).

Mother's Marketplace | Feed Your Skull

These sandwiches were located in their refrigerator along with other goodies like local Oregon sauerkrauts, kvass, and more.

Have you been to Mother’s or found a similar treasure through Yelp? Please tell us below.

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