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Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag | February 2015

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Rainbow Honey Febuary Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

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Rainbow Honey offers a cruelty-free and vegan monthly nail and ‘spa’ subscription service for $12.95.

I began my subscription December 2014.

Rainbow Honey Febuary Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

Eeeee! What do we have this month??

Cotton candy scented bath items and Valentine’s Day appropriate nail hues.

I can get on board. 💜 💘 ❤️

Carnival Candy Scented Cuticle Balm

Description: We know how much you love our cuticle balms and we agree! It is an essential part of your daily nail and skin care, especially for the winter! This month, we are featuring our cuticle balm in our new scent Carnival Candy! Use daily and let us know what you think!

Honestly I think I’m learning not to ignore the nails when it comes to skin care habits. Whether I paint them or not they can get pretty ragged from hand washing and dry winters. I’m going to try to start applying this or a cuticle oil at night or when I’m at my desk typing. We shall see.

Carnival Candy Perfume Oil Rollerball – 4 ml

Description: Our new fragrance will leave behind a delicious sweet scent for this month and all year-long!

I like that this scent is not overly sweet. It’s super light and the rollerball makes for a nice discreet application. You could apply it behind your ears during a meeting and no one would notice. I think it would even wake me up a little. 🙂

Rainbow Honey Febuary Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

Carnival Candy Foot Massage Lotion – 1 oz

Description: Packed with tons of aloe and shea butter and scented with Carnival Candy. Taking care of your feet and keeping them moisturized all year-long is essential to your overall health and makes your toes look cute with any manicure! Don’t forget to follow-up with our cuticle balm that works wonders on your toes too!

Not going to lie I used this as a body lotion. My very dry legs and arms appreciated it. It was a little thicker than a body lotion, but absorbed nicely. I also slathered this on my heels before bed and threw on some socks for an overnight spa treatment.

Rainbow Honey Febuary Mystery Bag | Feed Your Skull

Starting with the purple and going clockwise.

Tsukimi – 7.5 ml

Description: I just want to be…covered in this shimmery violet sea of holo and iridescent glitters! This gorgeous, violet glitter polish will add pop to any outfit!

It’s just as beautiful as the picture and I think it would like great over a white base.

Glow Cloud – 7.5 ml

Description: All hail this wonderous and dreamy mix of flakes and prismatic glitter and shimmer! This glitter topper is so amazing, it is sure to add an extraordinary glow to your manicure!

A beautiful sheer pink glitter fest!

*edit I don’t know how but the pink seemed to disappear over time. 😪

Crimson Nebula – 7.5 ml

Description: This sultry mix of holographic star dust builds up to a deeper red with every coat! This is a red like no other and we’re crazy about it!

It’s a rich cherry red-magenta filled with shimmers. I can’t wait to try it.


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