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Peach Cobbler Smoothie

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Peach Cobbler Smoothie | Feed Your Skull

Enjoy the days when you’ve bought a box of peaches from the farmers market or Trader Joe’s.

Four or five peaches in a smoothie for breakfast and a single for a snack wrapped in basil later in the day.
Peach Cobbler Smoothie | Feed Your SkullThis smoothie uses frozen bananas which are a great replacement for ice. They add a little bit of flavor and a cold creaminess that makes for a perfect texture.

Peach Cobbler Smoothie


    • 4- 6 pitted peaches
    • 2 frozen bananas
    • 2 pitted Medjool dates
    • dash of ground cloves
    • dash of vanilla powder or splash of extract
    • dash of licorice root
    • dash of sea salt
    • water to desired thick or thinness


    1. Add ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. Makes 2, 24+ oz smoothies.

    Peach Cobbler Smoothie | Feed Your Skull

    I opted for cloves instead of cinnamon to use a neglected spice and because I do really like cloves! I hate licorice candy, but there’s something about the spice that’s more appealing and a few sprinkles in a smoothie just add something special. Vanilla powder adds that ‘baked’ quality that makes you think you really are drinking a cobbler. And sea salt rounds everything out by bringing out the sweetness and adding healthy needed minerals to your morning.

    Peach Cobbler Smoothie | Feed Your SkullEnjoying a beautiful orange-cream smoothie also means you won’t get asked “what are you drinking??”, masked by that weird constipated face, trying to figure out what shade of green is truly edible. 🙂

    Peach fun facts [source]

    • They are native to China
    • Same species as a nectarine, but nectarines have a recessive allele
    • Is a drupe
    • It’s not just luck at the grocery store, there are 2 types of drupes: clingstone and freestone
    • Spanish explorers brought them to America – thank you Spain!
    • Growth requires full sun, but they enjoy the colder setting of a high altitude area
    • A climacteric fruit, continues to ripen after it’s picked

    How many peaches can you eat in one sitting? xo

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