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Feed Your Skull a Snack: Yin Yang Avocado with Sauerkraut

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Yin Yang Sauerkraut Avocado | Feed Your SkullAll about that avocado and sauerkraut. No trouble. To make it into a snack that is.

Grab that quarter of avocado leftover from something else equally delicious and throw a few spoonfuls of homemade ferment in there.

Then grind a few turns of black pepper across the surface. The black pepper adds color, a little bit of crunch and small bit of spiciness.

Have you tried these two together? The creaminess of the avocado plus the salty tartness of the ferment make for a great combination—hence the yin and yang.

In our house avocado and sauerkraut are a OTP. We love them together over a salad, pizza, baked potatoes, and of course nestled amongst veggies in a sandwich. And it’s just as delicious going solo.

I threw this ‘cup’ in a little container, grabbed a spoon, and took it to work for a quick and tasty snack.

Another benefit besides great flavor is that the acidity of the ferment somehow prevents the avocado from browning. Small victories.

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One comment

  1. Hi Michelle,

    That looks FAB!!

    Love me so avo, and although I’m not a vegetarian (chicken maybe twice a month), my wife is and has fresh avocados for breakfast daily here in Bali. What a lovely twist.

    Thanks so much for sharing and thanks again for commenting on my blog!