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Don’t Embarrass Yourself, Learn How to Eat Pizza

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How to Eat Pizza | Feed Your SkullLong gone are the days of BOOK IT and being needlessly bribed to read. As a child you could find me wedged between the edge of my bed and the corner of my room tucked into the cold crevice completely absorbed by a book. Probably Little House on the Prairie, Nancy Drew, The Bobbsey Twins, Sweet Valley High, or anything Lurlene McDaniels.

I might not have needed pizza as an incentive to read, but reading definitely created some early love for the savory pie. I loved smacking those stickers on the big BOOK IT pin and heading out to Pizza Hut for a true treat. A personal—my very very own—pepperoni pizza. The best.

Fast forward several years and I still love the Italian inspired slice. Just not Pizza Hut pizza – though my mind’s eye can still taste it. Weird.

As an adult, I can often finish an Amy’s pizza by myself with bravado and a pridefulness reserved for bronze-winning olympic athletes.

Starting this past summer I’ve tried to curb back my amazing skills, saving half for lunch the next day. I’m crazy for attempting such a wild feat. I know.

So I bring to you…

How to Eat Pizza

How to Eat Pizza | Feed Your SkullBesides how unhuman this sounds, I’ve found that wrapping pieces in a big piece of lettuce—like green leaf or romaine—is damn delicious!

How to Eat Pizza | Feed Your Skull

I get my greens and also have my pizza and the greens are filling enough that you can in fact control yourself from eating the entire pizza. Promise.

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