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Be the Good | Feed Your SkullBelieve there is good in the world.

Jeremy picked up this piece at an artisan collective in Idaho over the summer. We having it hanging in our bedroom on the wall behind our bed.

It’s gorgeous with alternating shades of reclaimed wood. More importantly it’s a nice proverb to wake up to in the morning.

Believe There is Good in the World.

Which is actually two important things to think about.

When thinking about veganism I was curious about ‘going vegan’ for years. I could list out the reasons it made sense to me as well as the reasons it didn’t.

To be vegan you have to be perfect. You have to have a bad attitude towards meat eaters. You have to watch out for the vegan police. And on and on.

I finally decided fuck whatever I was seeing that put me off of the idea and BE THE GOOD I wanted to see in the world. So I did and I am and you know what? It’s working.

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