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Watermelon Radish

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Watermelon Radish | Feed Your SkullWatermelon radish IS a thing! An heirloom Chinese daikon radish thing to be exact.

The co-op had cross-sections of these and as you can see they were stunning! We grabbed one and then a week later grabbed a few more.

We’ve eaten them raw, roasted, and one is currently in a small pot of ‘kimchi’ like fermentation.

They are as vibrant as a beet, but don’t bleed out and stain other veggies.

I thought it tasted like a radish crossed with a turnip that wasn’t too spicy. It has a firm, but hydrating crunch—just like a radish.

Watermelon Radish | Feed Your SkullExtras:

  • Any green on the skin is chlorophyll from exposure to the sun whilst growing.
  • They are a cool season crop.
  • Chickpea Radish Hors d’Oeuvres [Vegan Yum Yum Recipe]
  • Quick pickled watermelon radishes [The Garden of Eating Recipe]

Have you seen or eaten a watermelon radish before?

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