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Happy 2015!

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Happy 2015! | Feed Your Skull

Happy 2015!

We celebrated the New Year yesterday with Champagne, Dominion (a card game), and binge watching Twin Peaks. It was awesome.

Over the break I’ve been sorting and organizing ALL of my photos. So many of them food/recipe photos. I was prompted to start this painstaking process when I received notifications that my hard drive was almost full. Me + Lightroom – Workflow = Too many photos that haven’t been used or processed. So I’ve been tackling that and trying to establish a workflow and feeling inspired to back post A TON.

Posts on Feed Your Skull in 2014 have been super light, but I’m going to go back and thread a few stories and recipes in here and there. I also want to practice—in the present moment—posting frequently. No rules really. Random thoughts. Solo photos. Recipes, simple or epic. More of me.

While organizing photos I came across my summer friend, The Cow. First, I miss summer. So much. Second, I miss walking by this beauty on my WSU lunch time walks. She always held my gaze almost looking at me as curiously as I was looking at her. Is it summer yet?

Happy 2015! | Feed Your Skull

Oh and I mustn’t forget the goats. A man with an open bed pickup truck just dropped off hay aka lunch, so they were extremely happy.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

  • I’ve been diligently using Goodreads to keep track of what I’m reading. Are you on Goodreads? Hit me up, I’d love to nestle myself in with other reader enthusiasts.
  • Jeremy recently committed to Pescatarian-ism – actually it has been a little over a month now. Congratulations! In case you don’t know…he was an omnivore that ate mostly vegan with a vegan enthusiastic mindset. What does that mean now? He eats high vegan with some eggs, cheese, or fish at home and then any realm of veg when we’re out plus fish if desired. I play it pretty low-key, but I’m so proud of this commitment. My heart is big.
  • I started a meet-up group about a week ago called Plant-Based Pullman. I’m excited to say there are 7 veg heads already with several signed up to go to our first event. Any tips/books about group organizing you’d like to share? I’d love to receive.
  • Hummus mixed with salsa is pretty amazing.
  • Santa brought us each a mango, pear, and orange. Yum!
  • Ooh! This is new. If you subscribe to Feed Your Skull, you can now choose what type of updates you’d like to receive. Daily or Weekly. If you’re a current subscriber, you can update your settings to what works for you.

Happy 2015! | Feed Your Skull

That’s all for now folks!

What have you been up to? How did you ring in the new year?

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