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Vegan Cuts December 2014 Beauty Box Review

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'Tis the Season for Beauty December 2014 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box |

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'Tis the Season for Beauty December 2014 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box |

Bellápierre Cosmetics – Nail Polish, English Red – ★★★★

Value, $15

Description: 3-free nail polish that provides amazing durability and flawless coverage.

Without a doubt this is a flawless cherry red. It was my first time using or hearing about bellápierre and I loved this polish. 2-3 coats for perfection.

North Coast Organics – Spray Lotion – ★★★★

Full-size, $10

Description: Handmade, certified organic spray lotion that moisturizes and protects dry skin.

Ingredients: Carrier Oils* (Argan, Rosehip, Hemp, Jojoba, Grapeseed, Pumpkin Seed, Sunflower), Lavender Water*, Rosemary Antioxidant*, and Essential Oil Blend* || *Certified Organic

A spray lotion?? Never have I ever! Also, best invention ever. This awesome for a few reasons. 1. It actually works. Like you spray it, it goes on your skin, and it’s easy af to rub in. 2. It’s a spray bottle, not an aerosol bottle. Which means it doesn’t have nasty gunk and I can easily repurpose it for something clever and cute. The lavender rosemary blend is exquisite!

Delizioso Skincare – Cream Blush, Outrageous – ★★★

Full-size, $18

Description: Natural cream blush made from raw ingredients to nourish and maintain dewy, soft cheeks.

Ingredients: *Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Wax, *Aloe Oil, *Argan Oil, Rice Derived Vitamin E, Mica, and Kosher Certified Flavor Oil. *Certified Organic

Outrageous is a shimmery blush that can be sheer or bold. It’s a beautiful youthful rose that looks great on lips too! The entire Delizioso line is cruelty-free and I believe mostly vegan too though it’s not in their mission statement.

Coupon code: 20POFF for 20% off everything until 3/1/15

Available at Delizioso

21 Drops – Focus Essential Oil Therapy – ★★★

Full-size, $29

Description: 100% natural, essential oils to help stimulate and clear the mind or encourage peace and relaxation. The 09 Focus Essential Oil Blend promotes clarity and concentration, allowing you to stay on point.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, rosemary, peppermint, and frankincense.

Focus is a nice herbal blend with strong notes of peppermint. I like it!

Available at Amazon21 DropsVegan Cuts

Bonus Items

  1. A Vegan Cuts nail file!
  2. Landeva Organics – Rose Nourishing Toner; I like the power behind the spray and it has nice light rose scent.

Interested in the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box? [more info here] // Free shipping to the US • 4-7 products • 100% cruelty-free • Mostly organic and natural • Mix of full and sample size products • Paraben-free products

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