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Petit Vour August 2014 | Beauty 101 Review

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Beauty 101: Petit Vour August 2014 | Feed Your Skull

Our mission is to provide access to the best animal-free products and make kindness the standard in the luxury beauty market because we believe that animals shouldn’t have to sacrifice their lives for our pursuit of beauty. – Petit Vour

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Loved it/bought it since ★★★★ • Good stuff ★★★ • Not for me ★★ • Hated it ★

Beauty 101 is all about becoming your own beauty expert. This August we’re learning about vegan and cruelty-free eyeliner, face masks, fragrance, lip butters, and body butters.

Beauty Without Cruelty, Natural Eyeliner – ★★★

Value: $18.50

Description: Liner up! To give the illusion of full lashes, you need your eyeliner smooth and as close to your lashes as possible. Start by creating a small dotted line (work from inside corner to outside) and then connecting the dots using short, brief strokes. The shorter lines will help you create an even, non-bumpy line. We love BWC’s eyeliner because of its creamy application and everyday appeal.

Ingredients: Hydrogenated Vegetable oil, Hydrogenated castor oil, Mica, Citric Acid, CI 77499 (iron oxides).

I love the tips! I used it on my water line and so far so good. Sometimes the more natural leaning products can bleed or grow Tammy Faye-style as the goes on. I’ve learned to use an eyeliner brush and set the eyeliner if needed.

Available at AmazonBeauty Without Cruelty

Beauty 101: Petit Vour August 2014 | Feed Your Skull

Earth Body, Beauty Mask – ★★★★

Full-size, $34

Description: Hey, glow getter! Before you cover your skin in this vitamin-rich mask, remember this: remove makeup, cleanse, exfoliate. Once your mask is on, let it sit for 15-20 minutes so that the active ingredients can soak into your skin, giving you major glow.

Eeps, I didn’t cleanse or exfoliate my skin first. Just rinsed with water. Oh well. Different for a mask this one is a deep sandy red-orange color. I left the mask on for about 10 minutes as any longer and they can really dry out my skin. Brighten left my skin really glowy and rinsing off the bits was pretty easy too. On the side of the jar there are directions to turn it into a weekly mask by adding agave and coconut oil. Sounds luxurious!

Available at OmCali Skincare

Harvey Prince, Journey – ★★★

Full-size, $55

Description: Exotic. Awakening. Transformative. Let Harvey Prince take you on a journey with notes of Indonesian Clove Bud, Australian Sandalwood, Moroccan Rose, French Bergamot, Indian Tuberose, Japanese Orange Flower, Lebanese Cedarwood, Turkish Cyclamen, and South African Freesia. Tip: Store in a cool, dry place (i.e. not your humid bathroom or near any harsh lighting).

Journey reminds me of something you’d buy at a department store. I don’t hate it, but I’m not sure if I love it.

Available at Harvey Prince

Beauty 101: Petit Vour August 2014 | Feed Your Skull

Mi-Me, Tangerine Lip Butter – ★★★★

Value, $5

Description: Kiss, Kiss! How does one get beautiful lips, naturally? Stay well hydrated, exfoliate with a toothbrush once a week and moisturize regularly with Mi-Me Lip Butter. This yummy lip butter gives us long-lasting shine and moisture for plump, kissable lips. Muah!

Ingredients: coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, avocado butter, tucuma butter, murumuru butter, cupuacu butter, candelilla wax, vitamin e, and tangerine essential oil.

I adore they way it looks with the little pellets melted into the base. I have no idea if that was intended or an oops in the manufacturing process. Don’t change! 😍 Mi-Me’s hydrating lip butter is truly decadent, the natural oils just melt into the skin. This will be awesome come winter.

Available at Mi-Me

Beauty 101: Petit Vour August 2014 | Feed Your Skull

Rosemira Organics, Sweet Coconut Body Butter, ★★★

Full-size, $22

Description: Rich, luxurious and deeply penetrating, this organic body butter is truly top-notch! To reap the benefits, pat (don’t rub) your legs dry after your shower. This will help your body’s ability to retain moisture in the skin so your butter can give you your softest skin ever.

Ingredients: *Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Unrefined, Virgin, Fair-Trade; Mangifera Indica (Mango) Butter, Cold Pressed; Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax; Manihot Esculenta Crantz (Tapioca) Flour, Non-GMO; Aqua (Water) Distilled; *Pure Vegetable Glycerine (Glycerin), 100% Palm Derived; *Organic Essential Oils

It’s a stiffer body butter, but softens quickly. It’s lightly citrus with strong notes of the coconut oil. Oil-based body butters are best applied after a shower.

Interested in the Petit Vour sub box? “Inside your box, you’ll find 4 personalized beauty products for you to apply, blend, buff, lather, soak, and spray. The samples are generously sized (and sometimes full-sized!), with enough product for you to figure out if it’s right for you.” [more info here]

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