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Quick Bites: Sun-kissed Cilantro and Basil Smoothie

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SunkissedCilantroBasilSmoothieQuick bites–which I’m coining in relation to Feed Your Skull–as a fewer words, quick share of something delicious I’ve made recently.

Jeremy and I have been vying for blender privileges this week and yesterday I WON! 🙂 So I threw in all the greens. We had a little cilantro, fresh basil from the farmers market, and kale. This was a lovely green smoothie with bright peach flavor softened just slightly by the herbs. If you haven’t tried basil with fruit–I highly recommend.

Ingredients: 2-4 cups kale, 3 small bananas, handful basil, 2-3 cups frozen peaches, handful cilantro, splash of orange juice, and water to desired thickness. Blend until smooth and enjoy.

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