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Farmers Market Haul | July 2014

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Farmer's Market Haul | Feed Your Skull

Our farmers market is pretty 💣. It’s small and local enough that everything is very authentic. You won’t find vendors selling peppers grown in Mexico or oranges from Florida.

You can expect regionally grown produce every Saturday. It’s wonderful.

On July 12th we picked up a box of strawberries, bing cherries, a box of peaches, spinach, broccoli, a gorgeous bunch of carrots, and a HUGE cabbage.

Farmer's Market Haul | Feed Your Skull

Love wearing my pro-fruit shirts to the farmers market. 🙂


We didn’t buy these beets, but aren’t they gorgeous!?! Crisp bright greens attached to beautiful purple, orange, and red violet globes.

What have you been admiring/buying at your farmers market? xx

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