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BAMF Breakfast Sandwich

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BAMF Breakfast SandwichOver the weekend I enjoyed this BAMF (bad ass Michelle Felt – that’s me!) breakfast sandwich.

Move over pancakes because this was pretty much heaven. A tofu scramble atop crusty toasted french bread with melted Daiya cheddar and tempeh bacon!

I cooked up a tofu scramble the only way I know how, the Happy Herbivore way [recipe]. The tempeh bacon is a recipe I’ve been wanting to try for a while from The Vegan Zombie.

I added tomatoes, black olives, and fresh spinach to the tofu scramble near the end of cooking. Scrambles are absolutely customizable depending on what you want to use up or have a hankering for.

BAMF Breakfast SandwichI cooked the tempeh first, then used the same pan to cook the scramble, toasted the bread and topped it with a slice of Daiya (avocado would be great too).

Note on the tempeh, I cooked all of it during the marination phase but only ‘fried’ half of it and left the other half to soak in the smokey liquid juices for about another week until I was ready to use the rest. This worked great. It didn’t spoil and was even more flavorful.

Jeremy who had eaten an hour earlier—I was still doing yoga—was SO tempted by the sight and smell that he had a half sandwich. This made enough for 2-3 servings.

What are you enjoying lately? xo

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