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A Trip to Missoula!

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Road trip time, we headed to Missoula, Montana for the weekend!

Off to discover what adventures are available within four hours plus from Pullman. The drive is incredible along route twelve even with the last bit in the dark.

Missoula | Feed Your Skull Missoula | Feed Your Skull

Let’s start with breakfast the next day. Jeremy went out for donuts and coffee while I took advantage of the hotel coffee pot and made my Vegan Cuts Vigilant Eats Espresso Maca Mulberry superfood cereal. I think the water could have been hotter so it was kind of meh. But the kind of meh where you still feel good about it because it’s healthy. 🙂

Missoula | Feed Your SkullThen as we do, we headed to an area of town to park so we could walk around and spontaneously stop at a few places. We ended up on the Kim Williams/Milwaukee trail that goes along the river and comes out by a school and Montana’s Natural History museum. They were in the middle of renovations, but we were still able to walk around and look at displays….and for free.

We also wondered around and found the Import Market aka the Fiestaware emporium. So. much. fiestaware.

Somehow we managed to leave with only one item, a gift for a dear friend.

Missoula | Feed Your Skull

We then went for Thai food at Sa-Wad-Dee just a few doors away.

Missoula | Feed Your SkullThey had a fantastic vegetarian selection with clear information at the top of the menu stating they use fish and oyster sauce, but upon request they will prepare dishes vegan-style.

Missoula | Feed Your Skull Missoula | Feed Your Skull

We ordered the deep-fried tofu for an appetizer and I had the stir-fried vegetables with tofu. Delicious!

Missoula | Feed Your Skull

The next day we headed to Hob Nob Cafe for brunch. I ordered the veggie burrito minus the cheese, sour cream, and eggs. What was left you might ask? Plenty of vegetables! It was delectable and served with fresh sprouts and creamy slices of avocado. What more could one ask for?

I recommend taking in the entire block if you visit Hob Nob. There’s a small bookstore around the corner by the name of Shakespeare and Co. and a little bit down the street is Meadowsweet herbs, if you love holistic items, there is plenty to look at here.

Missoula | Feed Your Skull

Later that afternoon we went to Kettle House Brewery to sample some local brew. This neighborhood taproom is located in a long unassuming grey warehouse with plenty of bike racks outside.  The walls are lined with paintings, murals, and a general extreme sports feel.


Later that evening we went to The Good Food Store, because you know I love to snoop around other grocery stores to see what majestical creations are out there.

Their bakery had vegan goodies galore! Banana bread. Cookies. And the most wonderful, rich and delicious chocolatey brownies! Swoon.

What’s your favorite thing to do or eat in Missoula?

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One comment

  1. Kalisto Nanen says:

    Lived 4 years in missoula, live in Seattle now– so hello fellow Washingtonian

    I miss the import market, i noticed you missed the new Indian places in missoula — I’m partial to Masala that’s on same street as Wells Fargo and a block over from sa wa dee.

    Also the soups and sandwiches at Catalyst Espresso, baked goods at Bernice’s Bakery, the Missoula Food Coop of course Good Foods and Natural Grocers.

    Scottys Table under Wilma Theatre has vegan options, so does River wok over by University of Montana.

    I love the museum of natural history there as well as the missoula art museum (free admission), Rockin Rudys (quirky store and record emporium down street from the Unitarian Church that has first Saturday vegan potlucks), The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula off reserve street and Missoulas Pagan Community