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How to Keep Pesto Fresh

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How to Keep Pesto Fresh | Feed Your SkullIt begins like this.

A beautiful luscious bowl of homemade pesto.

Pesto so vibrant and green it reminds you of spring time when the leaves first unfurl from their buds and into the breeze.

But unlike leaves on the tree, pesto can turn from spring to autumn just like that. Brown unappetizing—probably still edible, but no way—pesto.

Would you believe me if I told you it could be avoided? It can and you should!

How to keep pesto fresh

How to Keep Pesto Fresh | Feed Your SkullTake your pesto, smooth and flatten out the top and cover it with saran wrap. It should be surface to surface with no allowance for air in between. Squish the saran wrap all around the sides so there’s no air hiding there either.

Add the container lid and you are all set.

Cover it up the same way each time you take a little bit out and it should last you several more days than it did prior. Or you can also freeze it.

Enjoy! xo

P.s. This trick also works with guacamole!

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