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Chapstick Deodorant? February 2014 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

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February 2014 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Feed Your Skull

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Rating: ★ Hated it • ★★ Not for me • ★★★ Good stuff • ★★★★ Loved it and bought it since

I don’t have a cool everything that’s in the box photo so let’s just get into it! 🙂

Medusa’s Makeup – Lolita Lipstick – ★★

Description: Beautifully pigmented and creamy lipstick made with a blend of nourishing plant waxes.

Man. This one was such a disappointment for me and it has nothing to do with the brand. You see the above shade, right? A gorgeous dark red almost brick. I screamed for joy when I opened it, so happy that it was a color I would wear.

The crisp black container was lovely with a detailed rose ‘carving’ on the top of the case.

I carefully applied it to my lips and looked in the mirror. Do you know what color I saw? Magenta. Bright pink purple.

Yep. I have those kind of lips. The kind of lips that can turn any ‘red’ lipstick into pink. I think it has to do with blue tones in my skin or something. 🙁 That’s why I was so incredibly excited when the last lipstick worked out.

Medusa’s product from initial testing felt really nice. I can’t attest to the staying power or how it felt on my lips after a while, because I haven’t worn it since. But if you don’t have blue-toned skin then definitely check it out.

February 2014 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Feed Your Skull

February 2014 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Feed Your Skull

Chandler Farm Hand Creme – Pomegranate Scented – ★★★

Description: Luxurious hand cream that leaves skin feeling soft and smelling delicately fragranced.

In the first beauty box I received 4 Weleda hand lotions, which were really nice, but had that ‘natural’ hand lotion feel. They were a little water/oily, but absorbed really well. Chandler Farms comes in like a velvety Bath and Body Works product without all of the chemicals.

The pomegranate scent was refreshing and slightly fruity, but not overwhelming. The lotion rubs in really well and absorbs nicely, it kind of reminded me of a Jergen’s or Vaseline lotion. I would buy it again, but I currently have enough lotions.

[I don’t think they have a website??]

February 2014 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Feed Your Skull

Molly Rose Balms – Mint Truffle Lip Balm – ★★

Description: Lip balms that combine natural ingredients to make deliciously inventive flavor combos like Mint Truffle or Pickles & Ice Cream.

So. I don’t like not liking something, but I didn’t like this chapstick. There I said it.  😐

Let me start out with what I loved about it. The smell. It was amazing and so chocolatey rich, just like a thin mint cookie. I love their site and the rest of their smell combos, except maybe the bacon ones.

The dislikes? My chapstick was really hard. Like really really hard and the top bit fell off. I tried keeping it in my pocket for a few hours because I know how the cocoa butter/coconut oil/shea butter game works. That didn’t help either. Maybe I got a dud?

Please let us know if you LOVED Molly Rose! I would love to hear about another experience.

February 2014 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Feed Your Skull

Birthed by Earth – All-Natural Lemongrass Tealight made with soy wax – ★★★

Description: Light up for a little romance with this lemongrass-scented soy tealight candle.

This sweet little tealight candle was a cool change from all of the makeup. I don’t have any candles at home, but getting this candle got me thinking about candles as a vegan product. I hadn’t stopped to think that many candles contain beeswax, which makes this little soy wax candle extra special.

I lit it along with my incense while doing yoga. Loved it.

February 2014 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Feed Your Skull

Yarok – Feed Your Do Styling Whip – ★★

Description: Whipped hair paste made of organic botanicals, including aromatic lemon peel and invigorating peppermint.

Yarok specializes in vegan and organic hair care products. I didn’t really care for or need to use this particular product. I think it’s like a texturizing cream or pomade. It smelled delicious, but it was really stiff and not the kind of product I want to use in my long, twice a week washed hair.


Greenbody – Tea Tree & Rosemary Natural Deodorant – ★★★

Description: Handcrafted Tea Tree and Rosemary deodorant that’s moisturizing and aluminum-free.

I swear to you I almost put this on my lips, but I quickly realized it was deodorant in a chapstick-like tube. What a cool ‘travel-sized’ idea!

I loved the explanatory literature that came with. I’ve been making and using my own deodorant for almost two years and I still learned new bits reading this. Plenty of information to help the novice ease into natural deodorants and a little bit that would help a pro understand the physiology.

The product itself? I kept it at work and carried it on walks with me. It’s as effective as my homemade and applies perfectly. A++ would recommend!

What are your thoughts on February’s beauty box? Have you tried any of these products? Are you looking for a vegan dupe? I’m still looking for a vegan mascara.

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