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Go Make This: A Little Bit of Everything

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Go Make This: A Little Bit of EverythingInstead of focusing on just one Go Make This, I have several to share today!

Let’s start with tonight’s dinner. I made Chocolate Covered Katie’s (I know! another CCK recipe—call me smitten) Lentil Sloppy Joe’s for our main. I noticed this recipe in her Super Bowl post and flagged it to make this week.

I followed her recipe . . .except I’ve been obsessed with our electric pressure cooker we bought last year and decided to make it in there.

I didn’t have cooked lentils so I just threw 1.5 cups of dry lentils (not red) plus 3 cups of water and the rest of her ingredients, used the bean/chili setting and reduced the time to 20 minutes. Viola! Perfectly cooked sloppy joe’s! It was so nice not standing over the stove.

Go Make This: A Little Bit of EverythingI served them on homemade burger buns using The Healthy Family and Home’s vegan adaption. They are delicious and came out perfectly. Normally I would have bought something suitable but we are really sticking to a food budget and ran out of bread so I decided to make them. The sloppy joe would have been perfect over the kale too instead of any bread, which is what I did for a small second helping.

The rest of the plate is steamed kale with minced garlic and a little chili sauce plus some salsa sauerkraut. Everything was delicious and lucky for us there are leftovers.

Go Make This: A Little Bit of EverythingThis week I also made oatmeal cookies out of the Vegan Cookies book. These cookies have managed to last us several days simply because I said we were only allowed 3 a day. That is the only reason they’ve lasted this long.

Go Make This: A Little Bit of EverythingSomething that turned out so-so were these Smoky Maple Breakfast sausages. I doubled the batch thinking it would be great to have them on hand and in the freezer but made a terrible faux pas. I used homemade veg broth and of course I used hot water to mix it. I had no idea hot water ‘activates’ the vital wheat gluten. Eeep! They turned out super tough. I think they’ll be fine shredded but we’ll see. 🙁 There’s always next time.

Last but not least.

Go Make This: A Little Bit of EverythingJeremy gave me Whole Grain Vegan Baking for Christmas. Yeah!!! I just made the Oatmeal Sandwich Bread which is just a few simple ingredients. I think it will taste lovely but I’m a little disappointed I didn’t notice my bread pan is 2 inches bigger than what’s called for in the recipe, so it’s looking quite small. Next time I will double the recipe and perhaps soak the oats ahead of time.

There are so many tasty things to try! I’ll have to pick up some spelt/barley flours to really do it up whole grain style.

So that’s what I’ve been cooking! and honestly our meals have been pretty basic. Steamed veggies with beans/lentils and maybe some homemade sourdough bread. Basic but not bland or boring. 🙂

What have you been digging lately? xo

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  1. chocolate-covered katie says:

    Your photos are incredible! This, the banana bread, and just all of your photos in general. Really gorgeous :).

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love my pressure cooker and can’t wait to try your recipe. We eat pretty simply too, but as you say, not bland or boring!